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bella sully - lylia rose uk lifestyle family milestones blog post

reuben sully - lylia rose family lifestyle milestones blog post

Last week Bella has mostly…

  • Said ‘cuz, cuz’ if we’ve asked her why she’s doing something, especially if she’s doing something she shouldn’t be
  • Been determined to put her own coat, boots and bag on, and she can.  She now also gets dressed in the morning, putting on her pants, socks, leggings, vest and top by herself
  • Coloured in Peppa Pig activity sheets, made a leaving card for Annie at preschool, made an owl lantern from her Toucan Box
  • Danced around the room singing to Let it Go from Frozen
  • Randomly started singing songs which she must have learned at preschool – it’s so sweet to hear her start singing things I’ve not heard before

Last week Reuben has mostly…

  • Been peering around things.  He’s noticed I have hair so if sat facing me on my lap he peers around my neck to find the hair.  Ben hid under the duvet and he was trying to peer under to see him.  If someone leaves the room he peers to the side to try and see them through the door
  • Been waking up at 5am to start the day.  Yawn.
  • Shuffling around on his bottom, turning 360 degrees, but now also shuffling to the side and to reach more toys
  • Giggling if I just pretend to tickle him.  I only have to hold my tickly hand above him and he cracks up
  • Wanting to feed himself with finger food and not letting me feed him with a spoon
  • Secretly teething – his third tooth is through at the top left
  • Biting me each breastfeed – eek!  Is there such a thing as nipple shields?  I’m investigating!