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Home Decor: Boys Bedroom Toy Storage Solutions

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Home Decor: Boys Bedroom Toy Storage Solutions

I don’t know about you, but I like a good toy sort out in the New Year, or if I’m super organised, pre Christmas!  I’m not sure if Bella will receive many this year, as she already has a fair few, but I have purchased Reuben a few new toys as he is coming out of the baby toy stage and needs toys he can manipulate.  I’ve got him a hammer shapes bench, shape sorter and play phone to name a few.

We don’t yet have much toy storage for Reuben as he’s so far only had a small basket of baby toys.  I’ve been searching for some cool boy's toy storage ideas and here are my favourites:

babyssimo racoon storage basket boys ideas solutions - lylia rose kids blog

This awesome raccoon storage basket is from German website Babyssimo, where I can't actually understand a word, but I love it so much I had to include it here.  They do ship globally and converted it's around £28.12, so not too badly priced.


personalised kids toy box plantabox lylia rose boys storage ideas toys uk

Plantabox sell these cool personalised kids toy boxes for £36.95.  They are on wheels too which would be so handy!  The kids would have great fun wheeling their toys (or each other) around in this!

rice denmark harbour medium foldable toy storage basket boys storage guide

A little pricier at £54.95 from Rice of Denmark but totally worth it for the years of use it will get and just look at the amazing embroidery!  It's a great colour too.

nortical red & blue striped storage tubs - £7.50 each lylia rose boys t

These Nortical Red & Blue Striped Storage Tubs with anchor design are only £7.50 each from The Contemporary Home.

plain brights storage cases oak room shop boys toy box ideas lylia rose

Smaller bits and pieces will fit nicely into these Plain Brights Storage Cases from the Oak Room Shop.  They'd look fab stacked on top of a wardrobe or even on the floor.  Bella has a couple like this and she absolutely loves playing with her 'suitcase', packing it up for pretend travels and such!  £19.99 is pretty good for all three.

lion canvas storage hamper the fine cotton company boys toy box ideas blog

This Lion Canvas Storage Hamper is 100% cotton with a bright bold, cheery lion applique design.  It's £42, so at the higher price end, but I can't stop looking at his cheery face!  Find these at The Fine Cotton Company.