Monthly family roundup – November 2015

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I usually start by saying how quickly I thought the month had gone, but November seemed to pass a little slower thankfully.  I’m not sure why as I’ve seemed nonstop, but it seemed to be November forever.  Though as I type this it’s now a week into December, so I don’t think I’ll be saying the same in my next monthly roundup!

Family lifestyle blog - what we did in November

November was my first full month back ‘at work’.  By this, I mean running my Lylia Rose online shop.  I was rather apprehensive of how it would all take off, after so long away (8 months maternity), but I’m very happy to report I was immediately back to sales every day.  So a massive thank you to all my wonderful customers, old and new, I really have had the best welcome back.

I’m thoroughly enjoying running my online boutique once more, albeit a little more stressful than before!  Two children = two times the mess/housework! 

Plus, it’s my only source of income now, whereas before I had savings or an evening job, so the pressure really is on this time. 

It’s serious, rather than just a hobby or bit of pocket money.  I’m hopeful I can make it work and look forward to the future of my little business.

november 2015 monthly roundup lylia rose family lifestyle blog post

Reuben now has three teeth!

I am absolutely cherishing these last few months of him being a ‘baby’.  It makes me a little sad that I will never experience this baby time again.  So I am happy his teeth are coming through, but also a little sad! 

He started moving around lots at the end of November, lying on his front and managing to sit back up again.  He became a bum shuffler!  We never experienced this with Bella, she went straight in for the crawl, but Reuben has been shuffling along on his bottom, or lying on his front and wiggling backwards!  It means he constantly gets himself stuck once he hits the sofa or wall and needs rescuing!

I’ve started reading with Reuben a little more.  He loves the Usborne ‘That’s Not My’ books, just like Bella.  It’s so cute as they use their dinky pointy finger to feel the different textures!

Bella has been thriving at preschool and is excited to go most days.  She tells me her best friends are Sydney and Abby.  Sometimes these change, but it’s great to know she’s so excited to go and see them each day.  Last year she was just two and went to playschool only three hours per week, so we never heard any friends’ names and I’m not sure she was there long enough to really interact with anyone. 

It’s amazing to hear her singing lots of Christmas songs every day as they are practicing for their Christmas party/show.  She can sing Rudolph, When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney and another one about snowmen melting in the garden which is adorable to hear her sing!

She’s still being quite the ‘threenager’but seems to have settled down a bit.  I think the tiredness of the first term of preschool really hit her and now things are calmer she’s much better.

Bella has got a little more into princesses this month.  She’s still Peppa Pig obsessed (and says Peppa is her best friend), but sometimes she wants a princess film on and will wear her dress all day!  Her preschool had a fancy dress day for Children in Need, so Bella was super chuffed she could wear her Rapunzel dress all day.  (I didn’t actually know which princess it was, so we looked it up just before she went in!  Since then, we must have watched Tangled four times!!  It’s quite good!).

november 2015 lylia rose family monthly roundup lifestyle blog post

Me and Ben are just fab.  We’ve mainly been prepping for Christmas, when we get any time together alone!  I did want to take Friday and Saturday evenings off, but I may not fully stick to this until the New Year.  I’ve had a lot of admin work to complete since opening and a lot of listing items!  So sadly I’ve been working seven nights sometimes, but I’m sure he doesn’t always mind as he can watch his choice of film or programmes!

We are very excited for our Christmas Day this year as Bella now understands who Santa is and that she’ll be receiving gifts on the day.  Ben also has the week after Christmas off as well as Christmas Eve, so it’s even more special.  Last year he just had the two days off, so everything was crammed into the days and weekends before and after.  This year we feel like we really can relax a little more having days lounging around, eating lovely food and watching Christmas films. 

Ben got a new car this month.  After convincing me how practical a seven seater would be for the family, to which he was actually managing to persuade me, he went and bought a Mercedes C Class.   At first I felt it was more of a want than a need, but his old car has since broken down on the driveway!  Hopefully he can fix it and sell it soon.  Buying a new car is usually quite fun, but the selling of the old one often a right hassle.  I’m looking forward to its departure as we are just about squeezing three cars on the drive, side by side.  I have to climb out of my car into a bush at the moment!

It’s been getting a little cold hasn’t it?!  I’m not a fan of the cold, unless I’m wrapped up cosy and moving about.  For this reason my ‘grow your own’ has been left to its own devices!  Some peppers and tomatoes might have made it, had I wrapped them in fleece or similar, but I just can’t face going out in the winter to the cold garden.  It’s the last place I want to be.  I’ll be a seasonal grower – in spring and summer!  We’ve still been adding to our compost, but it’s now a dreaded trip to the bottom of the garden in this drizzly weather.  I think that’s all that’s going to happen in our garden now until the warmer weather next year – Oh, aside from Ben chopping some wood for our fire every few days.  I think he quite likes the break from the madness of the house sometimes!

I can’t think that we did much that's very exciting to write about in November.  We always seemed to be busy and visiting friends and family, but no out of the ordinary trips anywhere.  So I’ll wrap it up there.  I’m so far enjoying the prep and buzz of the Christmas countdown and look forward to a busy, exciting, festive, fun filled December!  Hope you are too.