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Mostlys & Bella Says

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bella & reuben update - victoria sully lylia rose lifestyle family kids

Recently Reuben has mostly:

  • Been giggling every time I say ‘bzzzzzzz’ to him.  Even if he’s a little distressed, he’ll stop and laugh as soon as I ‘bzzzzzzz’
  • He also cracks up at ‘boo’ or even just ‘bababababa’ – must be something they love about the B sound!
  • Been crawling!  Forwards!  Yep, he’s worked it out and is officially on the move (the right way anyway!).  Grab your toys Bella & watch out!
  • Talked to me!  Well, we have a sort of conversation at least.  He will say ‘uh’ whilst looking at me, and I will say ‘uh’ back and this goes on for a while…
  • Refused to be fed with a spoon.  He will only feed himself now.  Great for his independence (already, arg), but terrible for the mess it creates…

Bella has been saying some brilliant things recently.  Here are a few of our conversations, I only wish I could remember them all!

  • There’s a tree surgeon two doors down, so it’s very noisy
    Bella – ‘What’s that noise?  I know, it’s a finding machine!  Them is finding treasure!’
  • Rubs under my chin – ‘Mummy, I don’t like spikey.  You got a beard like Daddy!’ (Um, thanks Bells *reaches for the tweezers*)
  • Me ‘What did you do at playschool today?’
    Bella – ‘I don’t know. ‘ *Thinks for a moment…*
    'Mum, I say I don’t know lots and lots’ 
    (She really does, first automatic answer to every question!)