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Reuben 10 months old

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Reuben has Mostly… (10 months old)

Reuben has Mostly… (10 months old)

Reuben turned 10 months old on the 5th and I feel a little sad I only have a baby for two more months.  Reuben started crawling last month, a month later than Bella did, but I was quite glad!  With Bella, we were keen for her to reach each milestone, but with Reuben I don’t mind waiting a little longer so he can remain my baby as long as possible!  Even though Reuben is our second baby, it’s still just as exciting when he does reach each developmental milestone!

Here’s what he’s been mostly up to recently:

  • Clapping – he cracked clapping and loves to clap every time he’s in his high chair.  (Or he’s trying to get my attention for some food!)
  • Knows his name – he will turn to his name from across the room
  • His favourite sound at the moment is ‘Gah’.  He’ll always say it back if I say ‘gah’ to him or he’ll sometimes sit saying ‘gah’ as loud as possible for ages!
  • Eating bananas for breakfast – he loves a banana every morning and gets excited as soon as he sees it.  I can’t even get him to eat his cereal anymore as he’s got so used to the bananas for breakfast
  • Eating lots of grapes – I cut these up really small and he'd eat them all day, he loves them!
  • He’s worked out how to put a ball on top of his toy so it falls through the hole and down the slides (see pics).  He always looks a bit miffed that his large ball pit balls won’t fit through the holes!  He also loves putting things in and out of things, like his shapes in and out of his shape sorter box.
  • Crawls around with a little hammer from his hammer and shapes bench.  He’ll cling on to it for ages sometimes!  Really cute :)
  • Tries to pull himself up on the furniture.  His legs are much stronger for standing, but he hasn’t stood up just yet.  I can wait though, so no rushing Reuben!!