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Bella Says (3 years 7 months)

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bella says (3 years 7 months) what my three year old has been saying uk lifBrrrr, winter has definitely arrived, bye bye lovely mild weather

Bella is now three years old and seven months.  She is talking pretty much non stop at home.  She likes to tell us everything she is doing.  If me and Ben are having a conversation which she doesn’t understand, she’ll really want to be involved so will say anything so she can take part!  I think she’s still a bit quieter at preschool, but there are 20 or so children there.  I’ve never been one to be the centre of attention or loud if I’m in larger groups.  I much prefer small groups or one to one, so perhaps she’ll be the same.  They do say when they take her to toilet by herself she waffles on!

Here are the funniest things Bella has said over the past couple of weeks:

‘I want a beebee sister, boys are messy & naughty’

‘I do like everything and everyone and grown ups and fireworks’

‘Is Santa coming again tonight? I want three wishing wells’

*Big sigh* ‘That was a big step. Now I'm tired’ (Bella has stepped up the curb outside our home!)

Bella says to Daddy ‘Mummy's going to send you to London because you've been naughty’
Mummy - ‘Where's London Bella?’  
Bella - ‘It's in Germany, next to our house.’

‘When I grow older I want pasta for my birthday’