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Walnut & Banana ‘Truffle’ Date Balls

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healthy walnut & banana truffle cacao dateballs recipe lylia rose food

healthy walnut & banana truffle cacao dateballs recipe lylia rose food

Walnut & Banana ‘Truffle’ Date Balls Recipe

Arg.  Just look at these.  They look as scrumptious as they taste.

They look devilishly naughty, and even feel it too after devouring, but they are in fact 100% healthy wholefood pure fruit and nut ingredients mushed together.

I’ve already eaten four today.  And shared one with Bella. Shhhhh!

The texture is so amazing, they remind me of eating chocolate truffles.  These also have a rich chocolatey taste, thanks to the raw cacao powder, but none of the naughtiness.  They are super sticky, so best eaten straight out of the fridge, or if you don’t mind a powdery coating and even more cacao richness, you could roll them in cacao to finish.

Method & Ingredients:

The best thing about these sorts of wholesome goodies is you really can just make up a recipe on the spot.  I just scoured my cupboards to see what dried fruit and nuts I had as I wanted to make some sort of goodness balls.  I found a huge pack of walnuts we received for Christmas and a chunky bar of dried banana which I purchased in Holland and Barret a while back as I’d never seen anything like it.  Walnut and banana go exceptionally well together, so they were my main flavour inspiration.

If you food process a load of sticky dates you can mould them into anything and they’ll act like your glue for the other ingredients.  I like to soak my dates first in boiled water to make them extra blendable and sticky!  I filled half a largeish glass mixing bowl with dates.  I chucked in a couple of handfuls of walnuts.  I added a handful of raisins.  I added a sprinkle of apricots (the few I had left).  I added a chunk of dried banana, around 2x2 inches.  I then covered with water I’d just boiled in the kettle and left to sit for a good 30 minutes.

I drained the water and popped the whole lot into the food processor along with half a cup of cacao to create a rich truffle chocolate like taste.  Raw cacao powder is very rich, so add less or more depending on your preference.

As the ingredients were so soft from soaking, they mushed together super quickly and blended so well into a big sticky lump.  I rolled them into balls in the palms of my hands and placed into cupcake wrappers.  They are pretty sticky for this part, so have a washing up bowl of water in case a delivery man knocks on the door (a regular occurrence at my house!).

I froze some for one hour and they were delicious to eat right out of the freezer after this time with a perfect consistency.  I also popped some in the fridge from where I’ve been munching them for two days.  They are stickier and softer from the fridge, but still delicious.