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The Goodness Project Subscription Box Review: December 2015

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december flowbox contents mini vegan subscription box uk lylia rose blogger

december flowbox contents mini vegan subscription box uk lylia rose blog

December 2015 Mini Vegan Flowbox Contents & Thoughts (now called The Goodness Project)

Kintaro Nut Clusters ‘Green Tea’ – These were really yummy and I rather quickly polished off the lot.  I was pretty disappointed they contain sugar AND glucose syrup.  After eating a load of rubbish for the Christmas two weeks, I’m now really avoiding any ‘junk’ food which includes added sugar in snacks.  These would be much better if they were totally wholesome and had no added sugar.  I think the other ingredients would taste yummy all by themselves – almonds, cashews, sesame seeds & green tea powder.

Leighton Brown Beetroot Crisps with Horseradish & Dill – I couldn’t face trying these as I really dislike horseradish and the combination sounded terrible to me.  But, Ben more than happily took them off me and absolutely loved them!  So if you love horseradish then give them a go!

Rebel Kitchen Orange Choc Mylk – This was yummy.  It’s a delicious chocolate orange milk style drink.  If there’s anything better than chocolate, then it has to be orange flavoured chocolate.  It always reminds me of Christmas too, so it was a great addition in the December box.  Bella had a big slurp of mine too and approved!  These don’t actually contain any dairy, but water and coconut milk, but they’re just as delicious as any flavoured milks I’ve tried.

Savvy Spread Sweet Sesame Spread Chocolate – A really yummy alterative chocolate spread which is great spread on a thin wholemeal piece of toast for a cheeky treat!   The taste is quite different to normal chocolate spreads, but if you’re ready for this then the taste is really quite moreish after a few bites.  Ben probably wouldn’t agree as he’s a Nutella addict, but I love more natural tasting wholefoods so I prefer this.

Vivani Rice Milk Chocolate – Vegan rice powder is used instead of milk to create these ‘milk’ chocolate bars.  A great idea and it tasted absolutely delicious.  I really didn’t like the choccie in last month’s box, so I was pleased to have this delicious bar in December.  If I remember correctly, I may have eaten the whole thing in one sitting!