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The Made By Me Company

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pure pallets handmade initial candle blocks reclaimed wood the made by me company

Pure Pallets - Handmade Initial Candle Blocks

In December I stumbled across the lovely ‘The Made By Me Company’ website whilst networking on Twitter.  Within around twenty minutes I’d made my first purchase!  I totally loved the initial candle blocks by Pure Pallets and just had to have them.

Not being allowed to spend on myself, being December and all that, I purchased them ‘for Ben’ for Christmas.  That’s allowed right?!  I knew he’d love them too as we both like wooden items and he’s always looking at ‘pallet beds’ and similar items on Pinterest.  Plus they had our initials on which make them even better!

Well, luckily he thought they were as cool as I did and they are now proudly sitting on our fireplace.  We have a rustic oak beam above our wood burner, and they look just perfect.

The Made By Me Company is a must for a good browse for all sorts of fabulous handmade items for yourself and home.  They stock ‘handpicked handmade’ and sell items from a variety of small artisans within the UK.  The ‘Homewares’ section is ultimately my favourite where I’m eyeing up some awesome cushion designs, particularly a stag one!  It’s a wonderfully clean and easy website to browse and their customer service on Twitter is fantastic.

To view the candles I purchased just click here and be sure to have a good look around whilst you’re there!