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Coconut Blush Review: Natural Handmade Soap

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coconut blush handmade soaps review & company overview - lylia rose uk

coconut blush handmade soaps review & company overview - lylia rose uk

coconut blush handmade soaps review & company overview - lylia rose uk

Coconut Blush Handmade Soaps

I ordered these a few months ago, but typically received soap as a gift and another soap to review within the same week!  What are the chances?!  So as one of the best things about using soap is the fact it lasts for aaaaaaages, these lovely handmade soaps from Coconut Blush have had to patiently wait all wrapped up on my side.  I didn’t even have a peek in the wrappers as I wanted to save my excitement for the day I could actually use them!

At the time I ordered them it was three soaps for £10 so I took advantage of this offer and struggled to pick exactly which three I wanted!  They all sounded so good.  So far I’ve used the Spearmint, Oatmeal & Mandarin Scrub soap.  It has a rough texture as expected for a scrub and I just rub it directly on the skin in the shower!  It has a light scent, not too overpowering, and leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and smooth.  I’ve also used it on my loofah and it lathers up just lovely.

I’m excited to try the Tea Tree and Dead Sea Mud soap next.  This has the strongest scent and I’m a big fan of Dead Sea mud.  It’s full of minerals and leaves skin exceptionally cleansed, so I’m expecting good things!  The Cocoa Butter and Vanilla soap seems to have the faintest scent of all three as a dry block, but perhaps it will be released more once used.  It looks scrumptious though and the name sounds delicious! 

The soaps are all natural with a base of oils such as olive and coconut.  There are no nasties such as parabens or SLS which I stay well clear of.  They are suitable for even the most delicate of skins including those which are dry and eczema prone.

There’s something ever so visually appealing about blocks of handmade soap and these bars do not disappoint.  They would make great gifts for her too. 

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