Great ways to eat healthily while eating out

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I don’t know about you, but I love to eat out at restaurants. I love the atmosphere and the occasion of sitting in a nice place enjoying my meal (having no washing up is also a huge bonus!). Plus, the food is often amazing as long as I choose correctly. The only thing I dislike about eating out is the fact that it is sometimes not healthy. I think we all put an emphasis on trying to eat as healthily as possible, and eating out sometimes stops me from doing that. However, I have a solution to the problem. In fact, I have found several solutions! Here are a few ideas.

Be Assertive

I must admit that I take the menu for granted. For the most part, I don’t ask for any changes to my meal unless I have a craving. Recently, I realised that this was a silly attitude to have. After all, restaurants are there to serve the customer. And, they will do as you ask, so long as the request isn’t too extreme. Plus, I can also make my meal healthier by asking for what I want instead of what they want to give me. Nowadays, I look at the menu and make sure I ask for steamed vegetables rather than grilled, or boiled potatoes instead of roasted potatoes, if these options are available.

Make A Substitution

This is an easy one to execute because I am a big lover of vegetables. Veg is often the healthiest thing on the plate when eating out, so it makes sense to have more. My technique is to substitute an unhealthy option for more veg. For example, I may switch the fries for a garden salad or rice for steamed veg, depending on the meal.

Pick Healthy Food

Even if there is no nutritional information on the menu, I know which dishes are healthier from their ingredients. I don’t eat meat, but Ben does and he could definitely pick more wisely sometimes!  For example, we all know that fish is a superfood when it comes to nutrients. Most fish have oils, fat, vitamins, and acids that are amazing for the body. So, fish is a safer option and probably much better than a greasy beef burger!   Also, most fish dishes come already grilled because it is hard to cook fish any other way.

Avoid The Dessert

Okay, the dessert may be calling my name, but that doesn’t make it any healthier. We are all aware that the dessert menu is full of sugar, possibly the single worst ingredient of the modern day diet. I try to stay away from eating dessert as much as possible.