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Reuben (11 months)

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reuben 11 months old - family lifestyle baby blog uk

 This year is going as fast as last year and we are already, can you believe it, in the second month.  Reuben is exactly eleven months old today!  Only one more month of him officially being my baby.  Yikes!

Here’s what’s been happening the past month with Reubs:

  • He can high-five us!  And low-five.  Very cute and a great party trick to show guests!
  • He seems to have stopped exclaiming ‘gah’ so much, but I have heard ‘mamama’ lots more.  I’m certain he means me and isn’t just mumbling…
  • Reuben can blow and can also blow raspberries, continuously, for ages, he does not get bored with it, just don’t start him off or you’ve had it…!
  • Back on cereal for breakfast, bored of bananas now.  He’s actually become a champion eater at the moment.  Before he could sometimes take it or leave it, especially with pouches and cereal, but now he wants it all and opens his mouth so wide ready for every mouthful!  He can easily polish off a savoury and a sweet pouch in one sitting.  He also eats a lot more of what we have and loves pasta with veg in particular.
  • He’s still crawling everywhere, sometimes with one knee and one foot.  He raises his right leg up and uses the foot to speed around the room.  He’ll only stand if we make him stand and hasn’t on his own yet.  (No rush though Reubs, stay a baby for as long as you like!)
  • He’s now drinking cow’s milk!  Well, only for a couple of days, but it’s so much better.  I stopped nursing at Christmas and he started formula which totally blocked him up.  We tried three formulas and even got sugar solution from the doctors but it made no difference.  We decided to try cow’s milk and he’s finally ‘cleaned out’ today, such a relief.  So although it’s a little early, we’ll stick with cow’s milk from now on.  He was just in too much agony before.
  • Reuben has two more top teeth, so 4 top teeth in total, plus 2 bottom teeth, so 6 teeth altogether.  The two new top ones snuck through without me even noticing!  He had a few red cheeks, but he rarely lets me look in his mouth so didn’t see them until they were quite far through.
  • Knows to shake instruments and if I say ‘shake, shake’ he’ll shake!  Can also put his rings on his ring stack.
  • Will give me cuddles and say ‘aaaaa’
  • I cut his first lock of hair!  Quite a mini moment as we’ve never even cut Bella’s hair yet – it grows so slow and is quite curly so we’ve not needed to yet.  Reuben had one very long piece of hair behind his ear.  It grew from when he was a newborn and never fell or rubbed out.  It was so much longer than the rest of his hair I thought it was beginning to look silly so I snipped it today.  Sorry Ben, if you read this!