How to childproof your home - essential tips and tricks

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Essential tips to childproof your home


As a mother of young children, it’s a constant battle to keep them safe. Motherhood does not come with a manual, and you find you need to have eyes on the back of your head.

Small children are quick and have what seems like a death wish at times!

From trying to stick fingers into plugs to finding any sharp item left unattended for more than 3 seconds, it can be a constant battle.

It’s little wonder mothers often find it hard to relax when they have to be on constant alert.

Still, who’d be without them?

Follow these tips to childproof your home and keep them safer.

Start at ground level

Hardwood floors are not only classic, but they are easy to keep clean. It’s little wonder that wood floors and their cheaper laminate alternatives remain popular. But despite the obvious cleaning and hygiene benefits, there are still potential hazards. The experts at Ted Todd Hardwood flooring always recommend cleaning up mess and spills as soon as possible. Not just an obvious safety hazard, a liquid can seep into wood and over time can warp your boards. They also advise that rugs should be securely fixed right to the edges to avoid trips and falls.

Watch little fingers

Cupboard and drawer latches. These nifty gadgets are essential for preventing trapped fingers and accidents. It also stops your children destroying everything you own. Small children are devious little creatures and are much sneakier than you think! In seconds they can move a chair, balance precariously on it, and try and get in even the most hard to reach places. It is amazing how quickly they go from little bundles of cuteness who don’t go anywhere to running through the house and getting into everything.

Sleep like a baby

Cot bumpers and bolsters are not recommended for the under ones. It is surprising how many nursery shops sell them as part of set for newborns. Bolsters and bumpers are thought to raise the risk of cot death. Also, do check that any mattress covers used are suitable for young children. Some of the thinner ones could pose a choking risk so it’s worth giving the label a double check for peace of mind.

Little steps….

Stair gates are an everyday household item when you have babies and young children. Useful not just for blocking stairways but also barring doorways. There is a wealth of professional stair gate advice on the internet.  They are a perfect hack if you are trying to clean the kitchen floor, or need to keep a pet contained in one room, but still in sight. Keep stairways clear to minimize trips.

Locked away

Keeping medicine and cleaning products far away from food may seem too obvious. You’d be surprised how often children manage to get the two mixed up. Avoid potentially fatal accidents by making sure all hazardous products are kept locked away. When cooking in the kitchen, use the back hob plates and keep all pot handles pointed back. If your child is particularly nimble and can get past the latches, here's a clever hack - a cupboard filled with Tupperware and unbreakable stuff! Allowing inquisitive kids to access one cupboard filled with things they can touch can sometimes stop them trying to open all the others.

Don't buy plug safety sockets!

Read why in this article - they are not safe!


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