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The Goodness Project Subscription Box Review: January 2016

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January 2016 Mini Vegan Flowbox Review (now called The Goodness Project)

Cheeky Food 'Silly Sesame' & 'Pecky Peanut' – Both Ben and I are currently getting boxes so we had a couple of different 'sprinkles' to try. So far I've been using the sesame sprinkle and it's been making my homemade soups INCREDIBLE! I only swish in around one teaspoon’s worth and it just takes my soup to the next level! I'm so impressed.

Coco Jack 'Coconut & Chia Flapjack' - really yummy and I especially liked the crunch of the chia seeds. Sadly they have too much added sugar in which I am now trying to avoid. I've decided I'll eat only my Flowbox snacks each month, but will avoid added sugar as much as possible in anything else.

Inspiral 'Cacao Kale Chips' - I tried a couple of Ben's, but mine are safely unopened still. These are flavours which just do not go together.  I love all the ingredients individually; cacao, kale, cinnamon & cashew, but not together. It's a weird green vegetable taste with chocolate and satay sauce.  It tastes like dipping cabbage in chocolate. No thanks. Best kept apart if you ask me.  Sorry Inspiral, but it's the first of your products I can't rave about.

Olive Branch 'Aubergine & Basil Paste' - a big fat YUM.  This is the second paste I've tried from this company thanks to Flowbox, and I'm again very impressed! I made wholemeal spaghetti with chopped tomatoes, onion, carrot & broccoli, with half a jar of this paste mixed in (to serve three).  It was gobbled up in no time at all by me and Bella, and even Ben (a spaghetti hater) almost licked his bowl clean! I'm super excited we have a jar and a half left of this so I can make loads more!

Rawbite 'Spicy Lime' - I wasn't sure what to expect as when I tried chilli chocolate I wasn't a fan, even though I like a bit of chilli heat.  But, I surprisingly liked these bars! The citrusy lime offsets the chilli heat and it's quite tasty.  It weirdly feels savoury rather than sweet, perhaps because of the chilli, which is unusual for such a bar, but I think it works well.