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Are You Surviving Half Term?

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Are You Surviving Half Term?

I can’t believe it is Friday already and the half term is coming to an end.  It’s totally whizzed by, probably thanks to having plans every day!  I was worried Bella would be bouncing off the walls all week (and maybe driving me crazy), but it’s actually been a really lovely week.  She’s been very well behaved (most of the time) and I wonder if the ‘threenager’ stage is beginning to fade.  Wouldn’t that be lovely!

Are you surviving half term?  A typical half term scene in Bella's bedroom.  Arg!

A typical half term scene in Bella's bedroom.  Arg!

We’ve had plans every day to see family or friends and she also spent one night at Nana’s.  Nana works in a school so has half terms off too, so a sleepover for an evening is usually on the cards each holiday.  Our week has also been filled with Playdoh (now one big multi-coloured lump), Frozen (the more I watch it the more I like it), lots of children in our home (toy mayhem - see photo), iPad (I think Bella might be a female gamer already), crafts (The Range is my saviour for lots of craft materials around £1) and dress up (I think we’re about to enter the ‘princesses’ stage)! 

We’ve spent a lot of time at home this week and surprisingly survived.  The summer is definitely a bit easier as we can open the patio doors and she’s entertained for the entire day, just running around in the garden with a sandpit and garden toys for entertainment.  Winter is always a little more difficult, probably because I absolutely detest the cold.  I just don’t want to be in it.  If I’m cold, I’m not very happy!  It’s also so uncomfortable in tons of layers and very restricting.  I feel much ‘freer’ when I can chuck on a simple summer dress and flip flops.  It also takes so much longer to leave the house making sure everyone has hats, scarves, gloves, socks, coats, jumpers, etc, etc on them.  Ah, I’m dreaming of summer again now!

As much as it’s been a good week, I am looking forward to normality next week.  I’ve had to remember it’s Friday today a good few times as without routine I just have no idea what day it is!

Hope you’re surviving half term too :)