Teenage advice I wish I took

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Teenage advice I wish I took

When I was a child, adults were full of advice, but I didn’t believe them most of the time. Some of it was clearly ridiculous. I mean, if I ate porridge, would it actually put hairs on my chest? Who would actually want that? Tell a child it will turn them into a unicorn, or give them magical powers, sure. But hairs on their chest? What were they thinking?

There was other advice that made more sense but I didn’t want to follow it at the time. Ah, to be a headstrong teenager again. I wish I knew then what I knew now! I guess that’s true of nearly every single one of us. Teenagers still to this day believe that they know everything, and that’s never going to change. Our poor parents. Still, what comes around goes around and once we’ve got teenagers of our own we’ll feel even sorrier for how we may have behaved in our teenage years.

So, other advice I wish I’d followed. Don’t eat so much junk food.  Don’t eat sweets.  Don’t try smoking. Don’t wear all that stuff on your face.  Stop wearing your friend’s glasses.  Yep, seriously!  I absolutely loved my best friend’s glasses.  I thought she looked so cool.  I absolutely longed for a pair of my own big thick frames nestled in a cool carry case.  Because my best friend was always so trendy and I wanted to be just like her!  So I’d borrow her glasses during lessons, sometimes for hours at a time and I’m sure it’s why I soon needed my own.

And now I’m older, I do need them nearly all of the time. Grrr. How I wish I hadn’t been so silly wishing for something so much!  I don’t like wearing glasses to this day. I constantly forget to take them to events where I could really do with them!  If I’m not wearing them, I struggle to tell who people are across the road, so must seem really rude!  I can’t even tell if Ben is looking at me from across the room.  When we started dating it took him a while to realise I wasn’t just ignoring him, I just couldn’t see he was looking at me or pulling a face!  Wearing glasses can certainly be inconvenient and I’ve even googled looking for the best laser eye surgery in the UK. I think it might be a good idea one day - it’s certainly a more permanent way to deal with poor eyesight.

For now I’ll settle for my glasses (when I can find them), but for long car trips or full days out I’ll wear my contact lenses.  Contact lenses can certainly be more convenient and I enjoy not seeing the glasses frame around my eyes.  But it’s another appointment to attend, another check-up, another cost, another inconvenience really.

It definitely pays to listen to your parents and always remember to be careful what you wish for.


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