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The Goodness Project Subscription Box Review: February 2016

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february flowbox mini vegan subscription box uk review - lylia rose lifesty

February Mini Vegan Flowbox Review (now called The Goodness Project)

This was by far my favourite box yet!  All contents were devoured in around three days.  I think I particularly enjoyed it as I’m avoiding added sugar, with my Flowbox as my only allowance.  So now it really is a super treat every time it turns up!  Lots of the goodies don’t have sugar and that is of course much, much better.  But if they do then this tiny treat once a month can’t hurt too much.   Click here to learn more about why you should beat your sugar addiction.

Doisy & Dam ‘Goji & Orange’

I was super pleased to see some of this yummy chocolate in my box!  The packaging is amazing too making it perfect for a gift.  It’s got those scrumptious goji berries in it AND is orange flavoured.  I’ve said before there’s something just too perfect about the orange chocolate combo.

Organic Flakees ‘Zesty’

These were very good.  I’ve never had anything like them.  They were quite tough and chewy and like flattened strips with crunchy chia seeds.  They were weird, but wonderful.  I had to consume the whole lot very quickly and loved the zesty flavour.  I do love a bit of tang!

Of The Earth ‘Power of Red Superfood Cereal’

Oh, hello lovely website.  I’m so pleased to have been introduced to this awesome food company, in the UK (!!) who I never knew existed.  Just look at their website.  Sooooo much goodness!

Anyway, back to this product!  I was unsure on the first couple of mouthfuls as it contains beetroot, but it wasn’t actually too bad.  I know beetroot has gained lots of coverage in recent times and become a super popular food (and drink), but I find the taste quite overpowering.  I like it, but just a little.  I tried beetroot juice once and it’s not for me.  A little goes a long way if you ask me.  But, this cereal was yummy.  It was so handy too as it simply needed cold water adding to the pot.

Socas ‘Soypresso’

The first organic soya based cold coffee.  I gave up coffee around 2 years ago now, so this was one of the firsts in a long time.  It was OK but very sickly sweet.  I think the old me a couple of years ago would have loved it!  But I think my tastes have changed.  If you like sugary or syrupy cold coffee, then you’ll probably love this!

Snack Garden ‘Freeze Dried Fruit Mix & Vacuum Fried Vegetable Mix’


These were by far my favourite of this box.  I was also very excited to receive two products from this company.  Two very different, but equally as awesome products!  The vegetable mix was like vegetable crisps, but REAL vegetable crisps.  Like an entire green bean real.  They were the best veg crisps I’d ever eaten.

The freeze dried fruit was also exceptional.  It almost fizzes and melts in your mouth.  I wonder if this is what all freeze dried fruit does.  It’s so addictive.  I’m gutted they don’t seem to have any for sale on their website or Amazon as I write this.  Me and Ben have both had a look as we really want some more!