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Are you a parent who spends forever labelling all your kids school clothes, outerwear, PE kit, books, bags, stationery… yawn… the never ending list goes on…!  Well, throw away those pesky iron in labels, put away those time consuming sew in labels and pop away that stinky marker pen.  Save yourself a whole load of effort and precious time and get stamping instead with Stamptastic!

lylia rose blog review stamptastic personalised stamps work on any material

The very lovely Fran from Stamptastic kindly sent me two of their awesome stamps last week.  This stuff is quite simply amazing.  The ink is magical and works on almost every surface.  Just this morning I’ve stamped Bella’s dinosaur tail (yep she went to preschool with a fabric dinosaur tail attached), her shiny cardboard dinosaur mask (that went with her too) and the very glossy outer cover of her Peppa Pig book (their having a ‘book week’ in aid of tomorrow’s book day).  And I’m pleased to report there’s a lovely neat ‘Bella Sully’ printed on all three items so all three should safely be returned home with her!

It took me about five seconds, if that, to stamp all three items and I’m super impressed.  We had already started the name labelling game as she has been at play/preschool for the past year and a half.  She starts infants this September and we are no doubt going to have a truckload of new uniform, stationery and all sorts to label.  These stamps are quite literally going to be a life saver!  Just stamp and go! 

I was lucky enough to be sent two so I’ve ordered one with Reuben’s name in preparation!  He’ll be off to playschool in a year when he’s two and the labelling game will begin for him too!

Not only do Stamptastic stock name stamps, but they can create a customised stamp for your business, one to make signing cards a whole lot easier and many more.

Why not start saving time now?

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