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Reuben February 2016 (11 months)

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reuben 11 - 12 months old - lylia rose lifestyle UK blog parenting babiesOh my goodness.  Reuben is going to be a ONE YEAR OLD this Saturday.  It’s gone so fast in ways, yet the whole birth and being in hospital for 10 or so days when I had him seems forever ago (thankfully).  Perhaps it’s because I don’t dwell on it too much as life is always so nonstop busy.

He is soon going to be toddling around and our baby days will be behind us *gulps and holds back tear*

February has been an exciting month as Reuben started standing at the sofa and cruising.  I actually wrote a whole blog post about it just recently if you fancy a peek here.  I’ll no doubt post photos of the birthday boy, so thought I’d squeeze in a quick photo post and update of his eleventh month.

Here are the most memorable dates:

13.02.16 - Reuben stands up at sofa by himself for first time!

22.02.16 - Reuben can climb whole staircase (with Mummy behind him the whole way of course)

23.02.16 - Reuben waves and says 'bubu' to Mummy when she leaves!

He says bubububu quite a lot, so I’m not sure if it was just coincidence but Reuben has started waving when we say bye and he couldn’t have said ‘bubu’ at a more perfect time!  Both me and Ben looked at each other in total surprise!

He’s also been hugging me lots saying ‘aaaaaaa’.  It’s so sweet.  He’ll come over to me if I’m on the sofa, rest his head on my knee, look at me and say ‘aaaaaaa’.  I’ll of course pick him up and we’ll do lots of aaaaa hugs with each other!  He’s a total Mummy’s boy and a big softie!  He lies on the cushions on the floor saying aaaaa too!  So cute.