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Shake Weight Roll | My 28 Day Trial Diary

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Shake Weight Roll | My 28 Day Trial Diary

At the end of January I was sent the new Shake Weight Roll to trial for 28 days.  I’d heard of the original Shake Weight before, but never tried one.  Since having my second child and turning 30 last year I noticed my usually firm and wobble free underarms were starting to loosen up, sag, shake a bit too long for my liking and I feared they were changing into bingo wings!  Not wanting to accept such change in my usually toned upper arms, I had already begun to look for a set of dumbbells to tone and strengthen my arms.  The Shake Weight Roll seemed like a perfect solution and exactly what I was looking for.

I was sent the Shake Weight Roll Beginner which retails at £29.99.  Here’s what they say: ‘ The new Shake Weight Roll will still effectively sculpt and tone the triceps, biceps, shoulders and chest but with its new patented ‘roll’ design, it now doubles up as an ab wheel, that uses resistance to strengthen muscles and reshape the entire upper body. The new Shake Weight Roll is compact and durable and can be used anytime and anywhere, allowing you to complete circuit training whether you are at home or on the move.

I gave it a go for 28 days and here’s my diary:

Day 1

First thoughts - It doesn’t feel very heavy or like it’s going to do much and the workout is only 8.5 minutes long. So I’m very surprised that by the point the lady says ‘keep going, you can do it’ – I’m feeling like I need to put my arms down!

Day 2

I hadn’t noticed anything all day, but when I came to do the DVD again, I felt the pull in my chest and next to my arm pits felt really stretched.  I must have used muscles I’ve not used before and I really felt the burn this time round!  I struggled to do the roll exercises as the muscles by my armpits hurt too much.  I’m very shocked the Shake Weight must actually be working all these muscles.  It seems too easy!

Day 3

I managed to do the upper body exercise just fine, but struggled with the rolling exercises.  I can do the final side to side exercise, but can’t do the first roll or press up type ones.  Perhaps this is because the lady is super fit on the DVD?!  If I try to stretch down as low as her I just collapse.  My arms must not be strong enough. 

Ben laughed at me and thought I was being silly.  He kept saying it looks easy, so I got him to try and he collapsed too, hahaha!  He does push ups most days, so I definitely feel how the DVD shows the first two roll exercises is more advanced than beginner.  It certainly makes me feel better that Ben can’t do it!

Days 4-6

My arms do hurt a little on the upper body exercises, particularly on the L shaped ones and I want them to finish a lot quicker than they do, even though they are quick anyway.  This is good though as it must mean it’s working these muscles. 

I’m still so impressed that such a short amount of exercise a day seems to be doing something.  I realise I have been doing the floor exercises incorrectly.  I’ve been trying to push and pull the shake weight with my arms, but need to use my stomach muscles.  I change how I’m doing them and can lean down further, but make several ‘aarh’ noises as I pull back in as I can reallllllly feel it in my stomach muscles!  Corrr!  I can’t lie as much to the floor as the lady on the DVD and there’s no way I can do as many as her for the one handed press up type ones.

Days 7-8  

I’ve totally got the hang of the upper body exercises and probably don’t need the DVD anymore, but like to watch it for the timings.  My right arm pulls on the L shaped exercise, but I’m still managing it!  Hopefully the muscle is really working.  Both Ben and I think I have more definition in my biceps already, but not noticing less wobble underneath my arms yet which is my main aim.  I’m still finding the push up roll exercise tough and can’t do it properly.  I think I need more arm and ab strength.

 shake weight roll 28 day exercise trial challenge blog review - lylia rose

Days 9-16

OK so I missed two days in this bunch.  One because I went to a networking event up in Birmingham all day and another day I simply ran out of time and was too tired, but I made up for it by doing it twice the next day, both morning and evening.  Excuses, excuses I know!  But other than these times I’ve been doing it every day. 

I still can’t do the push up exercises.  Either I’m really weak or these really are just a bit advanced for a beginner.  I can’t even do push ups and I reckon this rolling could even be slightly harder than a push up?!  Maybe when I get more arm strength I’ll find them easier. 

I’ve totally nailed the upper body workout and even look forward to doing it every day.  I’ve been running on my treadmill 2.5-5k every other day and on these days I do the Shake Weight immediately after.  It feels great and is like my very own home gym session!

The best thing about the exercises is they are 8.5 mins long so anyone can find 8.5 mins in their day, or at least a few times a week!  Even if I don’t feel like it, I make myself do them and in less than 10 minutes it’s done.  There’s really no excuse.  If I feel like they work after my 28 days, then I’m going to continue after the 28 day trial.

Days 16-28

I look forward to doing the upper body exercises and Bella, my three year old, stands next to me some days with a shaker instrument doing hers!  Cute!

Ben has even stopped laughing at me!

I feel like doing the Shake Weight each day is becoming a habit and I even find the music on the DVD quite addictive.  I hear it in my head sometimes likes it’s telling me to do it!  Strange!!  I must be enjoying it!

I still struggle with the first two roll ones and on some days I’ve just done the arm exercises twice instead.  I’ve also found the original Shake Weight workout on YouTube and had a go at this.  It’s only 6.5 minutes long so another easy to fit into your day workout.

In the first few days I really felt the burn, but after this passed I started to find the exercises a little easier each day.  To push myself now I’ve been trying to shake faster to get the burn back.  If you hold the Shake Weight further away it makes it more difficult too.


I definitely feel like the Shake Weight is working my arm muscles.  Even though the exercises are short, I start to feel ‘the burn’ as each one comes to an end. 

I feel the first two roll exercises are a little advanced for a total beginner and it would be nice to be shown what to do if you can’t roll all the way down.  I tended to roll half way, so I didn’t collapse to the floor, but I’ve no idea if this would still be working any muscles or what a safe position would look like.

I’m sure my wobbly underarm is a little less wobbly and I’ll be interested to see if it’s even less so in another month.  My arms feel a little stronger and the biceps feel firmer. 

I’ll be continuing the upper body workouts from the DVD and also the original Shake Weight workout (from YouTube) at least every other day and will blog in another month to share my results with you!