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What’s in my fridge?

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whats in my fridge a typical weeks food in our household on the lylia ro

What’s in my fridge?  A typical week’s food in our household

A long time ago I used to read a magazine which had one page showing the contents of someone’s fridge.  They’d ask them a few questions about their eating habits and score the foods they ate.  It was my favourite page of the magazine.  I guess I always had an interest in eating healthily and found what others ate fascinating too.

I’ve been meaning to do a sneak peek in my fridge for a while, but always seemed to forget each time we did a shop.  And no one wants to see a bare fridge!  We mainly eat fresh plant based foods, so do a weekly shop.  This means by the end of the week our fridge is empty and hungry looking!  I’ll tend to pop to the local shops once or twice to stock up on essentials or more fruit, especially bananas.  I have 1-2 every morning in my smoothie, so eat a lot.  I saw recently bananas may be wiped out due to a fungal disease killing the plants.  Yikes! 

We buy as much organic as we can.  We did get an Abel and Cole box once per week for just over a year, but now our local supermarket stocks loads of organic fruit and veg.  Every time we shop I notice something else is available in an organic variety.  I still think it’s mad they label food as organic.  It should be the other way round.  Organic food is the normal food.  I think food sprayed with pesticides and treated with chemicals should have to have this listed.  If these foods were marked with the chemicals they could potentially contain, I expect everyone would start buying organic!  It is a little pricier, but hopefully as more people buy organic the prices will reduce.

whats in my fridge a typical weeks food in our household on the lylia ro

I tend to make a list of meal ideas looking at what’s already in our cupboards before I do our shop.  Then I can just buy what we need and use what we already have.  We don’t always strictly stick to it, sometimes making something else up on the spot. 

Here are my meal ideas with this week’s shop:

  • Vegetable ‘bolognese’ with wholegrain spaghetti
  • Cheese topped grilled large mushrooms with veg and mash
  • Scrambled egg on toast with grilled tomatoes and baked beans
  • Baked sweet potato or normal potato with cheese and salad
  • Soup with bread/wholegrain rice cakes
  • Green veg & tofu green curry & wholegrain rice
  • Wholegrain pasta, chopped tomatoes & veg
  • Green lentil & bean veggie chilli with wholegrain rice
  • Cauliflower/vegetable cheese
  • Roasted veg & potatoes with cauli cheese or large mushrooms
  • Green lentil vegetarian cottage pie

I usually buy a load of vegetables, potatoes and cans of chopped tomatoes.  I always have a few cupboard staples like wholegrain pasta, wholegrain rice, wholegrain spaghetti, wholegrain rice crackers, gravy granules, green lentils, red lentils and jars of curry paste.   From these few ingredients and our veg shop, we can whip up so many different meals.

I often make homemade soup with our leftover veg at the end of the week, but these yummy and sugar free Covent Garden soups were half price so I couldn’t resist.  I love the vegetbale , carrot and butternut squash and skinny greens ones.  I always check labels for sugar and avoid!

We've been buying a can or two of reduced sugar baked beans each week, but I may stop this too as I'm trying to avoid added sugar.  I reckon I can make my own 'baked beans' with cannellini beans in tomato passata.  Yummy!

I’m buying tofu now instead of Quorn pieces and using green lentils in place of Quorn mince.  I really want to keep our meals as wholesome and unprocessed as possible.

For breakfast I have a smoothie with oat/almond 'milk', oats, flaxseed, 1-2 bananas, berries and nutritious powders (such as maca, raspberry, cacao, baobab, etc).

Bella takes a lunch box three times a week for preschool.  Her favourite sandwiches are currently egg mayo.  Sometimes she’ll have a cheese one.  I also pack chopped up cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, cheese, raisins and dates for her to munch on with a Little Yeos yoghurt (the only ones in our supermarket which contain no added sugar!).  For a treat I’ll sometimes pack a BEAR snack or a few of Reuben’s Organix wholegrain rice crackers.

There’s some ham in our fridge this week which Ben will use for his packed lunch.  He’s really stopped eating so much meat and ham is all he tends to eat at home now.  If we go out he’ll have a burger or fish!  Bella used to love ham, but she’s decided she doesn’t like it now either.

whats in my fridge a typical weeks food in our household on the lylia ro

I try to snack on fresh or dried fruit.  Ben sometimes sneaks crisps into the house, but I’ll only eat Reuben’s Organix baby crisps as they contain no rubbish ingredients.  I won’t buy any crisps/cakes/biscuits/sweets anymore.  I encourage Bella to look in the fruit bowl when she asks me for a snack or I’ll make her a little bowl of raisins and other dried fruit.

I do a big Holland and Barret dried fruit and nut shop every now and then and fill our Kilner jars in a cupboard!  It’s best when they have a buy one get one for a penny sale.   You really can get loads for £20-30 which lasts ages.

Did you notice my broccoli is in small glasses of water?!  I read it keeps them fresher for longer, so I always store like this now!  It looks like I’m trying to grow broccoli trees in my fridge!

I do love seeing what other people eat, particularly health conscious people.  I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into our weekly eating habits!