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Reuben feeds himself with a spoon for the first time!

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reuben decides to feed himself with a spoon age one - lylia rose lifestyle

Reuben feeds himself with a spoon for the first time!

For a few days Reuben has been grabbing the spoon off us and scooping at his empty high chair tray then putting it to his mouth! He did it again at lunch today so I thought I'd see if he could feed himself! We were eating runny soup (no chance!) so I gave him a bowl of natural yoghurt & he managed the lot, be it very messy!

I'm sure Bella was much older when she did this and we encouraged it, whereas Reuben has decided himself that he will do it!  We had a great bowl that stuck to the high chair for Bella so I must get Reuben one to save bowls of upturned food on the floor!

My little baby really is growing up now!