Six Things I Wish My House Had (because of small children)

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Six Things I Wish My House Had With Small Children - lylia rose uk parenting blog

Robot vacuum

I vacuum every day, yet still bits get everywhere, even though we have a no shoe policy indoors for the majority of the time.  You can guarantee I’ll hoover until it looks spotless and instantly Reuben will crawl over (with his hawk vision) and find a speck of something to put straight in his mouth!  Have you seen those robot vacuums?  They look fantastic.  Just switch it on and let it scoop up all the dirt all day long.  No effort required.  So long as it has some sort of radar installed to avoid small children’s toys, then it sounds ideal!

Sofas which touched the floor

We have two sofas and each one has around a two inch gap from the floor at the bottom - big mistake!  We didn’t think that through when we moved home two years ago and replaced our sofas!  It’s another area I have to constantly hoover and lug the heavy sofas out the way each time.  They fill with dust and wool (thanks to the huge wool rug I also purchased!) and I always spot it as I play on the floor so much! 

We are forever rescuing toys from under the sofa.  Like, all day long.  It’s like an abyss for toys which must also have a passageway to Narnia somewhere, as there are some puzzle pieces that never return.  Where do they go?  I’m pretty tidy and organised, yet we have recently lost two rings from Reuben’s ring stacker.  Perhaps a friend lost theirs, so pinched two from ours?!  It’s the only logical way they’re not in our living room anymore!

Eyes in every room  

Not really possible unless we put cameras in every room and then TV screens to watch these cameras in every room, but perhaps a better layout downstairs would be better and also a downstairs toilet!  We have a loo upstairs only, so unless I take both children with me every time they are left to their own devices downstairs!  Our sink must be ridiculously high as Bella can’t reach the taps, even with her stool, so I always have to help her wash her hands.  Either I take Reuben up with us too or hope I’ll just be a minute and he’ll be OK.  A downstairs loo would be so handy. 

Our kitchen is also two doors away from our living room, so even if I’m washing up or preparing food I feel so far away.  It’s a tiny kitchen so there’s no room for Bella and Reuben to be in there too, unless Reuben is in his highchair, but he’ll get fidgety.  If the washing machine is on (which is very regularly) I can’t hear them at all in the next room.  We should have thought about the layout more when buying, but we’re hoping we can extend out back one day and have a huge open plan(ish) kitchen with enough room for a table and sofa.  Though by the time this ever happens I probably won’t have to keep an eye on both children quite so much!


Ah.  Just wouldn’t that be bliss!  A room where all their toys can be stored and I don’t care if it’s a mess or if paint gets on the floors, walls, windows.  A room dedicated to play that can be closed at the end of the day when they’re in bed and I can relax straight away in my lovely tidy untouched living room!  Bella’s toys are in her bedroom, but these always end up all over the house.  We have toys for Reuben in the living room and his bedroom, but he plays downstairs most of the time.  It would be so great to have a playroom for all their toys and they can have free reign of this area!  A messy play table would be included, chalk paint on the walls, a massive art wall for their creations.  It was what I was going to create when I was going to be a childminder and it would have been so fantastic for them!

Highchair with giant pockets

If I’m not hoovering, going from upstairs to downstairs constantly or tidying up toys, then you’ll be sure to find me picking up food off the floor!  Reuben is obsessed with throwing his food off his highchair and peeking over the edge to see where it went.  Or if he doesn’t want something he’ll throw it off!  He looks right into my eyes as he does it as if he thinks I can’t see what he’s doing because I’m looking back into his eyes!  It’s very amusing, but very monotonous to be cleaning food up off the floor three times a day. 

The robot hoover would probably work again in helping clear up this constant mess, but perhaps some sort of high chair with giant paper pockets?!  When food is thrown off it just collects in these pockets and then they pop straight in the bin/compost afterwards?!  Fab idea, yes?

Tumble Dryer

The washing pile is bottomless and even worse than trying to wash it all is trying to dry it all.  Especially during winter.  I’m having to double up things on the radiators, tripe fold things and keep the heating on constantly!  A humungous tumble dryer would be much appreciated.  Especially if there were a zero energy one or perhaps one I could power from running on the treadmill.

What would help make your days a little easier?


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  1. This made me chuckle a lot! However (don't hate me) as a mum with a bigger house I spend my life tidying the playroom and toys STILL find their way into every room?!!! I'd love a bell or phone system of some sort (might get big ships bell in hall!) as sick of spending my life going up and down 2 flights of stairs or shouting at top volume to get the attention of the kids who invariably are on all 3 floors in different rooms! Oh and I need a tracking device for my youngest as many a time he's decided to play hide and seek with me and I've literally taken a good 30 mins (OH on speed dial and Swat Team a close second) to find him. It's all good fun eh?! *** Victoria's Reply *** Haha! You know I watched a programme where they did their house up & the Dad installed an intercom in each room so he didn't have to shout to his children!! I thought it was very weird, but actually maybe it's a good idea! I already get ignored by my 3 year old when I shout upstairs!! I've now decided to turn two thirds of my office (a converted garage) into a playroom. Though I was thinking am I just asking for toys in every room?! I bet they still spill out everywhere! It will be good to have a dedicated table for messy play though & then we can have a nice dining table that stays that way (hopefully!). It can turn into their 'chill out' area as they grow if we're still living here!

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  2. Your 100% onto a winner with the highchair pockets! And we are looking into one of the robot Hoover's as with 3 littlies its such a pain to get on top & because we live in a type of flat (we have garages below not more people) the mess gets in every single room because the kids have free reign. I really could have written this myself. ***Victoria's Reply *** - we have those all one bib things, but they don't really do much! I have to just wash it constantly too and food still gets all over the floor! He really wants to feed himself now too so super messy! I really really want a robot hoover!! If they can invent one that does the stairs too that would be even better!

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  3. Something that made all vegetables taste like chocolate... my toddler might eat them them! Actually, my husband might too.... ? *** Victoria's Reply - ah yes that would be good too! ***

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  4. Definitely a robot vacuum, moving about under the tables when the kids are eating! Ha x *** Victoria's Reply *** That would be so awesome! I'm forever crawling around picking food up!

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