Renovating your bathroom to make it more family friendly

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Before you have kids, your home design comes simply down to style. Once you become a parent that quickly changes. As a mum practicality becomes the priority. The good news is that decorating a house with children in mind doesn’t mean boycotting style. It’s just a case of being smart about how you go about it.

Today, I’m talking bathrooms and how to renovate yours to make it more family-friendly. The truth is, creating a family-friendly bathroom that’s smart and stylish is much easier than you would think. It’s just a case of taking the time to get inspiration, as well as coming up with ideas that are practical and stylish.

Make the walls a priority

Kids splash about, so it’s crucial that you make the walls a priority. Unless you want your paint ruined by splashes and bath paints - a favourite among little ones, it’s worth tiling the walls at least halfway up. The great thing about this is that with so many lovely tile designs to choose from. Plus, tiles are super easy to keep clean, so are perfect if your kids like to make a mess.

For any areas that you opt to paint, make sure to use special bathroom paint. This will prevent any water damage to the paint, causing peeling or bubbling. If you’ve opted for a printed tile design, go for a neutral paint colour. There are lots of fantastic bathroom tile and paint combinations on Pinterest that you can use for inspiration.

Don’t go for slate or stone flooring

For a child-friendly bathroom, slate and stone flooring are both big no-nos. Sadly, because of how hard these surfaces are, they just don’t mix with children. They might look nice but the potential for injuries is just too high. The good news is that there are lots of laminate and lino flooring options that look just as stylish, that you can use. These are safer because they’re soft and are also non-slip.

Make sure that whatever type of flooring your opt for, that you pick a design that matches the style of the bathroom. Neutral flooring is always best, as it works well with all styles and designs. By opting for neutral flooring, should you want to change the decor, you can.

Choose features that are practical and stylish

When it comes to swapping the old features - the bathtub, shower, etc., it’s important to pick designs that are practical as well as stylish. For a bathtub, pick a design that’s large enough for your kids to bath together in. It’s also worth picking a tub that’s not too low, else lifting them in and out may end up hurting your back. When it comes to selecting a shower, it’s best to choose a large cubicle. That way, if your little ones need help in the shower, there’s enough room.

It’s also important to remember that you may need to hire a professional to deal with the plumbing of the new features. It’s best to leave these kinds of things to the professionals, to ensure that they’re done properly. If you want to ensure your bathroom works exactly as it should, getting a little expert help when it comes to the tricky bits is a must.

Focus on storage

Last but not least, make sure to focus on storage. The most important thing that a family bathroom can have is lots of storage. Kids like to have bath toys that end up scattered across the room! If you want a bathroom that can be both a kid’s dream and an adult’s retreat, storage is crucial.



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