A speedy roundup of Feb + favourite photos

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A speedy roundup of Feb + favourite photos

Hello middle of March.  Where on earth did you come from?

I totally missed doing my usual monthly roundup for February, so here’s a quick glance at the month and some of my favourite Bella and Reuben photos.  Photos of them OUTSIDE!  Because the weather really did start to cheer up at one point!  We realised we could go to the park after playschool, instead of instantly running home as fast as possible to get in from the cold.  There is life outside my house.  I am so ready to come out of hibernation now.  Cabin fever is truly starting to sink in!

Lylia Rose Monthly Family Roundup February 2016 

The highlight of February had to be attending the Theo Paphitis SBS networking event in Birmingham.  You can see my photo with Theo himself and my blog post all about it by clicking here.

We also had kind of good news about Reuben and his pulmonary stenosis (a type of congenital heart disease).  We were expecting to be told he’d need to be booked in for open heart surgery at his February check up, but the pressure across the valve in his heart had not risen too much since his last appointment.  Phew!  This means they are happy to wait another 6 months to see what it’s like then.  We felt so relieved as this will be the longest wait between appointments so far.  We know he will need something at some point as his valve pressure is rising and it’s on the borderline of needing action.  But, they want to delay this action for as long as possible.  This means we can go a good few months without thinking about it!  They also said there is a possibility they can try the balloon dilation procedure again which will be way less intrusive than surgery.  So fingers crossed!

 Lylia Rose Monthly Family Roundup February 2016

The same day we had Reuben’s check-up we also signed our wills.  What a day!  Very depressing!  I’m so glad it’s done now though and our wishes for what would happen to Reuben and Bella should the worst happen to me and Ben, are now all in place.  It’s such a difficult conversation to have, but if you have children I’d really recommend writing a will.  It’s so important for the future of your children.

 Lylia Rose Monthly Family Roundup February 2016

We had half term in February and it went by in a flash.  I made plans every day and it whizzed by.  I was worried Bella would get bored so perhaps over planned, but she had a great time and caught up with friends we can only see in the holidays.

Lylia Rose Monthly Family Roundup February 2016

Ben and I finished off the month with a massage at Polka Dot Beauty in Cheltenham.  I go regularly and had bought a voucher for Ben for Christmas.  Most people seem to see massages as a luxury experience, but I go regularly as I feel it’s really important for your body, mind and overall wellbeing.  It’s literally the only hour (every 6 weeks or so) where I switch my mind off, destress and relax.  I do usually talk for most of the hour, but it’s still me time!  I also get very knotty shoulders so it’s great to have all these released.  It’s only £25 per hour at Polka Dot Beauty and highly recommended.

february roundup 2016 (1)

The rest of the short February month was filled with usual chaotic family life.  There’s just never enough time is there?  Life seems to be speeding up more and more lately and I’m always drowning in housework, business work and trying to maintain my hobbies!  It’s always go go go and I don’t think life will be slowing down anytime soon.  At least it will be summer soon.  The sun always makes things much easier and everyone a lot happier!

bella rose sully blog update february 2016 (3 years 8 -9 months)


Bella turned 3 years and 9 months on the 2nd!  Wow!  Soon to be 4...!

I’m happy to report that we seem to be getting a lot less of the ‘threenager’ days, but I’m not sure if that means when they do strike, they seem twice as difficult.  I now understand this poem a lot more:

‘There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead.

When she was good, she was very good.  But when she was bad, she was horrid!’

Obviously I don’t think my daughter is horrid, but very challenging when she wants to be!

This week at playschool they’ve commented she’s really been coming out of her shell.  This is so great to hear as I know she’s a lot quieter at playschool, whereas at home she’s the loudest and sometimes a total loon!  It will be really great if they can see the Bella we see.  My Mum is a bit loopy and full of beans, as was my Great Gran.  We say it skips a generation in our family!

At home she’s been walking wound wearing a hat and gloves quite a lot.  To protect herself I think!  She bumped her hand the other day and said ‘I need my gloves on!’ Maybe she thinks these areas need covering with clothes too.  She does look funny walking around the house with her knitted bobble hat.  Like a cartoon character!

She still continues to love Peppa Pig, but also quite likes watching Frozen or Tangled instead now.  I'm all up for Tangled and appreciating something different to watch!  3 years of Peppa pig...!

Dress up is becoming more popular as is pretending to be Mummy (see pic with my glasses!) and a baby (see pic sat in Reuben's pushchair!)

We've managed to pop to the park on the warmer days and she's had great fun playing with friends from playschool who happened to be there.  It's so nice to see her run off and play with others and not need me right there.  She's growing up!  We are so ready for the warmer weather now so we can just open the patio doors and let her be free.  Bella loves to play outdoors and definitely gets frustrated being at home too much.

The best things Bella has said recently:


Mummy : ‘It’s bedtime’

Bella: ‘children don’t go to bed!’


Mummy: 'Bella, please don't let go of my hand by the road, it's very dangerous, a car could hurt you or squash you!'

Bella: 'and then I'd turn into a pumpkin?'


reuben 11 - 12 months old - lylia rose lifestyle UK blog parenting babies

Reuben February 2016 (11 months)

Oh my goodness.  Reuben is going to be a ONE YEAR OLD this Saturday.  It’s gone so fast in ways, yet the whole birth and being in hospital for 10 or so days when I had him seems forever ago (thankfully).  Perhaps it’s because I don’t dwell on it too much as life is always so nonstop busy.

He is soon going to be toddling around and our baby days will be behind us *gulps and holds back tear*

February has been an exciting month as Reuben started standing at the sofa and cruising.  I’ll no doubt post photos of the birthday boy, so thought I’d squeeze in a quick photo post and update of his eleventh month.

Here are the most memorable dates:

13.02.16 - Reuben stands up at sofa by himself for first time!

22.02.16 - Reuben can climb whole staircase (with Mummy behind him the whole way of course)

23.02.16 - Reuben waves and says 'bubu' to Mummy when she leaves!

He says bubububu quite a lot, so I’m not sure if it was just coincidence but Reuben has started waving when we say bye and he couldn’t have said ‘bubu’ at a more perfect time!  Both me and Ben looked at each other in total surprise!

He’s also been hugging me lots saying ‘aaaaaaa’.  It’s so sweet.  He’ll come over to me if I’m on the sofa, rest his head on my knee, look at me and say ‘aaaaaaa’.  I’ll of course pick him up and we’ll do lots of aaaaa hugs with each other!  He’s a total Mummy’s boy and a big softie!  He lies on the cushions on the floor saying aaaaa too!  So cute.

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