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Spirulina Crunch Review

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pure standard spirulina crunch superfood snack energy healthy lylia rose fo

Spirulina Crunch Review

I think I’ve only touched on the magnificence that is spirulina in this blog.  It was one of the very first superfoods I tried when I started leading a real healthy and nutritious lifestyle a couple of years back.  I read it was one of the best superfoods to try so instantly purchased a big bag and got overly excited adding a huge spoonful to my smoothie.  I was in for a shock as it’s quite an acquired taste!  I don’t eat fish and have occasionally eaten seaweed and the taste is like both; it is algae after all! 

If you love seaweed then you’ll probably be more accustomed to the taste than I was!  Or just use a little to start and build it up over the days as you get used to it.  In the end I decided to go for the easy option and purchase spirulina tablets.  I take these every day so I can still get the amazing nutritional benefits without the taste.

With that in mind, I was a little dubious to say the least when I received an email asking if I’d like to try Spirulina Crunch.  It was touted as tasting amazing, so I was instantly intrigued.  I couldn’t resist trying this new spirulina product so agreed to taste test and reveal my verdict.

The Spirulina Crunch comes in a multipack, if you like.  Inside the big bag is ten separately packaged portions which are super handy to grab when you’re on the go.  Upon opening the first small pack I was hit by the instantly recognisable sea-like spirulina smell.  I wondered if these really would taste amazing as they smelt almost as strong as the powder!

pure standard spirulina crunch superfood snack energy healthy lylia rose fo

I ate a few pieces and the taste was strong.  They did taste how I remembered the powder, but perhaps slightly milder.  I definitely needed to get used to the taste again!  Not wanting to give in I mixed half a packet with some cashew nuts and raisins, like a spirulina trail mix.  This was much more enjoyable and took the overpowering edge off the spirulina.  For the next few days I did exactly the same and enjoyed it as an evening TV snack.  I actually started looking forward to this mixture and I think even craving it!

After a few days eating my spirulina nut mix, I braved trying the spirulina by itself once more.  You know what?  I didn’t mind the taste at all.  It was actually quite enjoyable.  I think the nut mix eased me back into the spirulina taste and I was becoming a fan.  I started to munch half a pack a day as if it were routine and looked forward to my spirulina hit.

I speak in past tense as I had two teeth removed and a top brace fitted last week, so sadly I haven’t been able to continue my spirulina crunch daily mission, but I hope I can eat them again soon!  For now I’m on soft foods only and avoiding anything hard or crunchy.  Gutted!  As soon as I can eat more foods I’ll start eating a pack or a half per day again.

I definitely recommend trying Spirulina Crunch and here are some of the best reasons why you should:

  • It’s a raw and natural superfood
  • Packed with protein – 6g per portion
  • More beta carotene than a bunch of carrots (per portion!!)
  • 20% of your daily iron (per portion!!)
  • Full of vitamins and minerals, in fact it contains over 100 nutrients
  • Great for healthy skin
  • Gives you energy, but real energy, not fake energy like coffee!  And, there’s no slump!
  • Stops you snacking on naughty things between meals
  • Loads of uses – eat as is or sprinkle onto salads, soups, into trail mixes, wraps
  • High in essential fatty acids
  • It’s the only known source of phycocyanin; an antioxidant which is known for its cancer fighting properties

Long story short – it’s amazing for you!

But what exactly is spirulina?  It’s a blue-green freshwater micro algae that has been in existence since life existed on this planet.  It was once the main protein source for many indigenous cultures including the Aztecs.  How amazing is that?

From what I’ve been reading it is probably the best supplement you can get.  It’s qualities are super impressive.

You can read more and purchase the crunch here:


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