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Bella Meets the Easter Bunny!

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bella meets the easter bunny at gloucester wyevale garden centre (7)

Review - Breafast with the Easter Bunny at Gloucester Wyevale Garden Centre

Today was a day Bella had been waiting for all week.  Every day she had asked me ‘Mum, when am I meeting the Easter bunny, today?’ Bless!

This morning we went to Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Gloucester Wyevale Garden Centre.  We love visiting this garden centre already as it also has a fab range of gifts, home décor, a café and a soft play.  So it’s very handy for a morning out with the children!  I’d noticed before now that they do Christmas and Easter craft events for children, but Bella was perhaps a little too young.  Now she’s a fully-fledged pre-schooler and loves doing crafts, especially any type of ‘decorating’ so it was the perfect event for her.

bella meets the easter bunny at gloucester wyevale garden centre (3) 

At the time of booking we requested which meals we’d like and gave our names.  When we arrived the tables were already set up so there was no faffing around waiting to be seated.  There was even a sweet Easter card wishing The Sully’s (us) a happy Easter!  A colouring sheet was laid out with crayons, a name tag for Bella and children’s cutlery.  The cutlery was a welcome touch as lots of places that serve children’s meals seem to miss this important detail and adult cutlery is often far too large for them to manage.

 bella meets the easter bunny at gloucester wyevale garden centre (5)

Bella seemed amazed they knew her name and it added to the magic of the whole experience!  She got to work colouring in the Easter picture.  Colouring is always great entertainment for children whilst they wait for their food! 

Oh, I can’t believe I almost forgot, but the table had a bundle of mini eggs!  ‘Ooooh’ exclaimed Bella!  ‘Who could they be for’ I said to Bella.  ‘I don’t know, who?’ asked Bella so innocently!  Bless her, she didn’t realise they were for her!  When I told her she was super excited and wanted one right away, but I told her she’d have to wait until later, or at least after breakfast!  ‘What do you think are in them Bella?’ ‘Chocolate!’ she replied with a big grin.

bella meets the easter bunny at gloucester wyevale garden centre (6)

Bella was offered squash, but we prefer her to only drink milk or water so the waitress (dressed as Alice) kindly got Bella a cup of milk.  We were offered tea or coffee.  Ben had coffee and I asked for water.  I only drink green tea, so it would have been nice to have more hot drink options included. 

Rather quickly our breakfasts were served, which was great as we usually have breakfast at 7am so we were pretty hungry!  As its pre-booked they knew what we wanted so things were nice and speedy!  I had a vegetarian breakfast, Ben had the Great British Breakfast and Bella had the Child’s Breakfast.

bella meets the easter bunny at gloucester wyevale garden centre (8)

The breakfasts were cooked well and enjoyed by all of us.  Extra toast was served half way through and Bella and Reuben happily shared this!  I gave my fried bread to Ben as it was white and also too crunchy for my new brace!  My only other suggestion (fussy aren’t I) would be to offer wholemeal bread as well as white.  It’s much healthier!  Bella liked the look of my fried egg much better than her scrambled, so swapped with me!  ‘Mummy I want your egg please!’  The only thing left on our plates at the end was Ben’s black pudding.  Ben eats meat, but never eats black pudding.  He tried a bit but said it was too weird and he felt like a vampire!

bella meets the easter bunny at gloucester wyevale garden centre (4)

After breakfast Alice said she needed the children’s help.  She gave them a bag each and they went on an egg hunt around the store!  I stayed with Reuben, but Ben went with Bella.  He told me afterwards they had to find pictures of eggs around the store.  When they came back she ran to me excitedly as her paper bag now contained some sweets!  She was super excited as we never let her have sweets at home, so this was a real treat!  They are now safely at home as a treat only as we would have had a sugar fuelled monkey otherwise!

Then the big moment…

The children had to shout ‘Easter Bunny’ with Alice and then he appeared!  They went to find more eggs with the Easter Bunny (a man in a big bunny costume in case you were curious!).  Bella looked so amazed by the bunny and gave him a wave!

bella meets the easter bunny at gloucester wyevale garden centre (1)

Once back from the final egg hunt the bunny handed out a cuddly toy to each of the children.  Bella picked a cute chick and was super chuffed with it.

Then… more sugar!  An Easter egg shaped cookie was given to Bella with pots of sprinkles, marshmallows and chocolate drops and some icing.  Bella absolutely adored decorating her cookie and luckily she resisted eating it, instead eating the left over sprinkles and chocolate drops.  (Right after this she was going to Nana’s to play for the day, so we avoided the dreaded sugar high.  Poor Nana!)

bella meets the easter bunny at gloucester wyevale garden centre (9) 

Bella had a fantastic time and we’d definitely go to an event like this at Wyevale again.  In fact I want to book to meet Santa this year as I know Bella will love it.  It’s a much more magical experience for the children having a meal and getting crafty, rather than being rushed in and out to meet them.  The meals were tasty and the server made sure we had everything we needed.  I’m impressed with the whole event overall and would recommend it to anyone with young children.  My only recommendations would be more hot drink options, wholemeal bread and perhaps a craft that doesn’t involve more sugar!

bella meets the easter bunny at gloucester wyevale garden centre (2)

I asked Bella what her favourite thing about the event was and she said ‘decorating the egg’.  So I asked her if she liked anything else about the morning and she said ‘decorating the cookie’.  I think that was her favourite part!

You can visit their main website here:

Or why not book to meet the Easter Bunny yourself here:

We were very kindly invited to breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Wyevale Garden Centre in Gloucester and this is my honest review.