How to prepare your kids for going to uni

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Sending your teen away to uni can be an emotional time for parents. So, the best thing to do is take measures to ensure they are well looked after. You need to send them out there and make sure they are well-placed to look after themselves. Use these ideas below to prepare them for the world of university.


The big thing about uni is that it is very expensive to do these days. So, you need to make sure you budget for this. Now, your kid will be entitled to a student loan, which will be determined by how much you, as the parents earn. But you will need to make sure you cover the costs of tuition fees. It might also be worth supplementing your teen’s student loan with some extra cash. Or, you could encourage them to get a job so they can save up and be a lot more comfortable for the rest of the time they’re there.


Your kid (or kids) is leaving home and stepping out into the world for the first time. And you will need to prepare them for this. When they are at uni they’re going to encounter many scenarios in which they will need to be responsible and make good decisions. And, this is why you need to make sure you influence them as much as you can. Before they leave you need to sit them down and make sure you give them advice. You have a lot of knowledge and wisdom to pass on to your kids, and it’s important to do this. They might not seem very receptive to it to begin with. But they will be glad you shared advice with them because they will find it handy.

Move Their Stuff

Another thing you need to make sure you sort out is moving their stuff. This is something that can often be a logistical nightmare. But, it will also play a part in deciding where they end up staying when they’re at uni. So you need to think about the best ways to move their possessions. It depends where they will be attending university. You might need to look into student shipping if they are going to be a long way away. Or, if it’s more local, you might need to think about trying to sort it out yourself. Decide what you feel is the best and most practical way of moving their stuff and then go with that.


One of the first things you will need to make sure gets sorted out is the accommodation. Going off to university presents so many opportunities for accommodation. But, you need to think hard to ensure you make the right choice when it comes to where your teens are staying. Now, university opens up so many doors and possibilities. And a lot of this starts with ensuring that your kids get the proper experience. Staying in halls and flats in university is probably the best idea because it’s the most sociable.

When your kids leave the nest for pastures new, it can be a complex time. As parents, it’s your job to make sure they leave with the best possible knowledge of what to expect. You need to prepare them for university and for looking after themselves. And the more thorough you are with this, the more they will thrive on their own.