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Funny Things Bella Says

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funny things bella says - lylia rose uk lifestyle blog

Funny Things Bella Says

Just look at Bella!  I asked her to get dressed and she ran in ‘Muuuuum, I’m dressed, hee hee hee’!  She had her long sleeved top pulled over her legs and her trousers on her head.  She danced around the room very proud of herself!

She is almost three years ten months, so not far off four, and of course can get dressed by herself, but only when she wants to.  Usually she runs around whinging she can’t do it (translation = she just doesn’t want to get dressed, or doesn’t want to get dressed by herself) which results in a stressed Mumma (Mumma is her new name for me) as I'm usully trying to get me and Reuben ready, and thus more whinging from Bella.  But this day I actually laughed!  She looked so funny and she thought she was being smart.  ‘Oh, Bella’… ‘but I am dressed Mumma’.  OK clever clogs.

Three year olds are a lot of hard work, but they are also very amusing when they want to be.  She’s definitely worked out that she can play up, but also that she can entertain and be comical.  Those are some of the best moments – when we all just start laughing.

There is still a lot of innocence at this age and Bella still comes out with the most hilarious perceptions of the world around her.  I always mean to write them down and always think I'll definitely remember what she’s said as it’s so cute/bizarre/funny.  But after a manic jam packed day I’ll be racking my brain to remember what it was so I can tell Ben, but I just can’t remember.  I must get into the habit of always writing it down!

I have recently noted down three funny things:

Every time the latest Go Compare advert comes on (this one here) Bella excitedly squeals ‘Mummy, Mummy it’s your friend!  Look it’s your friend!’
I wondered what on earth she was on about at first but after a bit of questioning realised she thought the cabbie was Theo Paphitis!  I have a picture of me and Theo on my office wall and she things he’s my friend.  So cute!

I asked Bella, for the first time, what she wants to be when she grows up.   She replied ‘I want to be a mummy AND a daddy’!

Bella’s trying to download an app for the iPad with Daddy and it’s asking for an email address.  Ben jokingly asks Bella ‘do you have an email address?’ to which Bella seriously replies ‘no, I just have a princess dress’…!