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I’m a bit dumbfounded at why I have never used a shaker before now.  I always use my blender to make my shakes.  Of course a blender is needed when blending fruits and veg into a smoothie, but I was also using it to mix powders with my ‘milks’ (oat and almond drinks usually).  I’d never thought of using a simple shaker to do this job which creates way less mess and is shaken together in a second!

Not that these SmartShakes are simple by any means!  They are in fact genius.  I was kindly sent two shakers by SmartShake for my opinion and I have used at least one of them EVERY DAY since receiving them last week.  I’m not sure how I managed without them!  It’s saving me a lot of blender cleaning too.

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I also received some superfood powder last week from Indigo Herbs.  So the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  I instantly shook a teaspoon of Super Vital Powder (acai, baobab and beetroot powder) with a few glugs of oat milk and shook away.  The shakers have a handy power mixer compartment which clips into the cap so liquids and powders can be thoroughly blended.  It blended the powder just perfectly making a smooth, non-powdery shake.  Delicious!

I got a little more adventurous and added milled flaxseed and maca powder to my next shake to see if it could handle thicker powder and also more powder.  Well it certainly could and the texture was no different to if I’d used my blender.

smartshake the worlds smartest shaker blog review lylia rose uk

Not only are the SmartShakes great as shakers, but they have handy compartments that screw on to the bottom.  The slim version has one compartment, but the original has two compartments including a four way removable divider so you can separate any tablets or supplements you need to take out with you.  The compartments have no end of convenient uses.  They can be filled with superfood powders or protein powders so another shake can be made later on.  If you’re heading to the gym why not pop some change in for parking or lockers and your keys?  That way you literally just need to take the SmartShake and nothing else!

We did a car boot on Sunday and of course I took the SmartShakes!  Not only did we have plenty of liquid refreshment for the morning, but we filled the bottom sections with nuts and raisins to munch on should we get peckish!  The lids are also 100% leak proof, so can be clipped to a bag or placed inside without a worry.

smartshake worlds smartest shaker smoothies compartment lylia rose uk blog

There are a ton of other amazing ideas on their website of how to use the compartments.  My favourite is to mix pancake mixture, salad dressing and also to give your dog a drink of water on a day out.  See, I said these shakers were genius!  I bet there are a zillion other uses too that are just waiting to be discovered.

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smartshake the worlds smartest shaker blog review lylia rose uk