A definitive guide to eliminate stress when moving house

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Moving house is up there with planning a wedding, and changing jobs when it comes to stress. By the time it gets around to lugging boxes around, you’ve probably already been through your fair share of ups and downs. Offers falling through, delayed deals, and reams of paperwork may be just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re moving, here are some stress saviours to make life easier.


If you have a moving date in mind and you’re all set up in terms of contracts, start planning as soon as you can. Try to set aside a couple of days when you can go through spare rooms and studies and pack up anything you won’t need in the immediate future. Have a clear out and get rid of anything you no longer want. Sell on auction sites or donate to charity. Draw up a list of things you need to do before you move and gradually work through them. As you get closer, devote some time to cleaning and tidying.


If you’re moving in with family for a while until your house is ready, or you’re going into a rental property, storage can be a godsend. Have you been worrying about storing large pieces of furniture or bags of clothes and spare bedding? If so, renting a storage unit is a simple, stress-free solution. Check out Space Maker storage for a safe and secure place for your possessions.

Professional help

If you’re working full-time, or you’re looking after children, moving can be particularly stressful. Before you know it, moving day is approaching and your house is still full of half-filled boxes and bags. If you are struggling for time, or you simply don’t have the manpower available to do a swift job of packing up, call in the experts. Removal companies will pack up your belongings and move them to your new property for you. If you have valuable or fragile items, make sure you point them out.  

Emergency kit

Create an emergency kit for the day you move. This will ensure that you’re able to locate anything you need immediately, without any hassle or fuss. Pack a clean set of underwear, pyjamas and toiletries. Keep snacks and bottles of water with you during the day. Stock up on essentials, such as milk, tea bags, and bread. Once you’re settled, you can start unpacking as and when you have time. Keep a folder containing important documents, such as passports and bank statements, with you. Make sure you have the keys to both properties to hand.

Moving house can be a daunting prospect, but there are steps you can take to make everything a little easier. Planning ahead and hiring a removal company will help to ensure the process runs smoothly. Hiring out a storage unit will give you peace of mind that your possessions are safe. Start the process weeks in advance, and by the time you get to moving day, you’ll be ready and raring to go. Good luck and enjoy your new home!