A quick guide to helping your parents move house

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Parents often struggle with watching their children get older. No one wants to see their babies grow up! But I think it's also important to recognise that everyone has to watch their parents get older too. A lot of us don't think about it for a long time, but then we realise that they're moving into old age. Maybe it's when your parents finally get to retire that you start thinking about their future. No one can be certain about how the later years of their life will go, and that can be pretty terrifying. But you can try to give your parents the help they need. One thing a lot of people do when they retire is move house, often downsizing. I've got some great tips for how you can help them out to make it less stressful.

Looking for a New Home

Depending on your parents' health, they could be entirely capable of finding their new home all alone. If they've just reached retirement age and are still perfectly spritely, they might want some help but can probably do most of it alone. However, even if they're still independent, they might appreciate some help. I love looking at houses, so I would jump at the chance to help my parents find somewhere new! Some people might consider a retirement community, such as Churchill Retirement. They can still be independent, but there are lots of other people to socialise with. If they're looking for friendly neighbours to get along with, they might find them in a retirement development.

Helping to Sell the Old Home

For a lot of people, selling a home is a lot more stressful than buying one. If you can offer your parents a hand with it, I think they would probably appreciate it. Some people offer to handle the house sale for their parents to make everything easier. Apart from dealing with estate agents, I think one of the hardest things to do is clear out the home. Retirees often downsize, which means they have too much stuff to move. If you have anything from your childhood or even adult life in their home, you can help by clearing it out.

Lending a Hand on Moving Day

Moving home can be pretty easy if you hire movers for the day. However, it can be expensive, especially if only the movers are loading and unloading. If you can offer to help by being an extra pair of arms, you can make the process quicker, and, therefore, cheaper. In fact, you could avoid hiring movers altogether and just hire a van.

Dealing with the Emotional Side

One of the toughest parts for your parents could be dealing with the emotional side of moving. They might have lived there for decades, and maybe you have a special attachment to the home too. Your parents might know logically that they need to move, but that doesn't make it easy to let go. You could help them process the change by sharing some memories about the house before they leave.

You can be a great help to your parents if they decide to move house. Of course, make sure your help is wanted first!