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The Goodness Project Subscription Box Review: March 2016

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Flowbox Mini Vegan March 2016 Review

Flowbox Mini Vegan March 2016 Review ( Now called The Goodness Project)

It’s nearly time to receive this month’s Flowbox which is super exciting as I got through March’s so quickly - it’s felt like a very long wait!

Here are my thoughts on March’s contents:

Crushed Apple & Strawberry – Super refreshing and delicious.  I had to drink it instantly because as soon as I saw the pack I craved a juicy drink!  They’re made from 100% crushed fruit and are not dissimilar to my children’s squeezy fruit/baby pouches!  I always wonder why we don’t just have those as snacks anyway as they’re so delicious with no nasties.

Delicious Alchemy Rice Flake Porridge – I prefer oat porridge, but this version is great for those who can’t eat oats.  I keep making the mistake of not cooking for long enough so it’s a bit too hard to enjoy thoroughly.  That’s just me being greedy though and wanting to eat my food before it’s really ready!  It’s just not the porridge for me.

Good 4 U Super Seed Snack Bombay Spices – My mouth is watering just typing ‘Bombay spices’.  Does anyone else’s do that?  These are yummy and in a handy shot style pack, so I just poured them straight in my mouth!  No greasy fingers, no mess and amazing spices!  Yummy!

Iswari Organic Goji & Ginger Raw Chocolate – A little goes a long way.  The ginger is very strong so I can only manage a small piece at a time. I usually love ginger, but I think there was a bit too much in this bar.  I have chucked some of it in a vegetarian chilli though and will use it for this.  As a chocolate bar it’s not one I can’t keep my hands off unfortunately.

Kozmetics Mint & Lemon Lip Balm – Really impressed with this natural lip balm.  It’s silky smooth and easy to apply.  Some natural lip balms are really hard, but this one is super soft.  They’re a really reasonable price too at only £2.50 on their website with a cocoa version too, which I’m going to have to treat myself to!

Terrafertil Raw Chocolate Covered Goldenberry – Oh these were really delicious!  I’ve had goldenberries before and love their sweet and sharp flavour.  Once I’ve had one I crave their distinct flavour almost instantly.  The pack didn’t last long, but I did manage to share a few with my Mum who also approved!