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No, I’m not Superwoman

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no im not superwoman - lylia rose uk lifestyle blog post

No, I’m not Superwoman

‘So you’re not Superwoman then?’ Ben said to me this week.  No, unfortunately I’m not.  From someone who is always very proud to declare they are never ill, I had to admit defeat and accept I was ill.  Eugh.  I’ve actually been ill twice in two weeks now.  Yuck.

First I had a cold.  Nothing too bad, just very snotty for a few days, but I was still able to carry on as normal.  This time round I caught a sickness bug.  Reuben was randomly sick for a couple of days, but we weren’t sure if it was just teething.  He was sick two mornings in a row, but otherwise seemed pretty normal.

I thought something was weird on my first cleaning shift this week.  I only did two hours and although it was pretty tiring (two hours of non stop vacuuming a carpet with a broken hoover), my eyes suddenly started blacking out towards the end!  I didn’t say anything as it was my first shift, so just got through it and got home as quickly as possible.  I felt really weird when home, but me and Ben put it down to lack of sleep because of the new early start, no food or drink and basically completing a two hour work out at 4.30am!  We figured my body just went into shock mode!  Still, I thought it was pretty odd as I’m fit and healthy so surely my body could handle this.

Well, I was right to think it was strange.  I was a bit achey the next day, which we still thought could be the new job, but the next morning at 3am, bleugh, I threw up.  Reuben must have a bug and I must have caught it.  I felt dreadful.  But I was meant to be at my new job by 5am and couldn’t really call anyone so late.  So I went in early, by 4.30am and somehow managed to clean for three hours!  I’m not quite sure how I managed it.  I did nearly two hours of vacuuming (with the annoying broken vacuum), around 45 minutes of cleaning toilets (which really didn’t help my wanting to puke situation) and then some mopping (a welcome relief after the other two jobs).  I felt like I was going to pass out at a few points, but surprisingly got through it all and then went home to bed!

It’s the first time I’ve been sick since I was pregnant with Reuben (I'm ill constantly when pregnant and think I'm allergic to it) and it’s HORRIBLE.  I usually put my not being ill down to my healthy eating, but this one beat me.  It got me thinking about people who constantly have these things though and do little to help their situation.  I can’t stand being ill and it inspires me even more to eat healthily and lead a good lifestyle so as I NEVER have to feel like that.  Yet there are some people who seem to eat crap all the time and moan they are ill all the time but not do anything about it.  Perhaps they don’t realise how important nutrition is in keeping them fit and well.  There are also those who seem to enjoy the sympathy gained from being ill all the time.  I’m sure you know the ones!  But even if you do eat super healthily, you’re not super human and I’m sure you’ll get ill at some point.  Good nutrition aids a speedy recovery and boosts your immune system, so it’s still very important.

Being ill also frustrates me.  It means I can’t get on with the things I want to and I find this irritating.  I’d much rather be up and about or pottering about.  Typically it was also really sunny yesterday and I had to miss the whole day.  Rubbish.

It was yesterday (3am) I was sick and I felt rough the whole day.  For the first time, Ben took both children out to the Forest of Dean for the afternoon, which was really strange!  I suddenly got a lump in my throat and said ‘be safe’ as he left in his car with them.  Before this, he’s only ever gone on a couple of walks near to our house with the both of them.  I’d usually always have at least Reuben left with me. It was the first time both my children have gone off in the car for a longish journey.  He knew I needed it though and I managed to rest up for a few hours and totally relax without having to care for children at the same time. Luckily it worked and perhaps also down to good diet, I am feeling 100% today without any medication and have cracked on with things as normal.  Phew!

Unfortunately Bella came back from their outing throwing up and Ben started last night.  Doh!

It’s the first time we’ve all suffered with the same illness and it’s definitely not fun.  My ‘back to normal’ day today has been filled with about 5 wash loads of towels and bedding so far and I have around 4 more normal wash loads to get through.  Oh the joy!  Hopefully everyone will feel much brighter tomorrow!