Easy entertaining for busy people

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Easy entertaining for busy people

Entertaining from home is growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why.

Without the expense of travel, overpriced cocktails and overnight accommodation, you can budget easily.

Any money you save can go into creating a wonderful meal and atmosphere at home. Or it can simply be put to good use elsewhere.

The cosy convenience of entertaining friends at home is hard to beat. But if you haven’t attempted it before, it can seem a little overwhelming.

However, with a positive attitude and a few easy steps, you can host a party like a pro!

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Don’t Aim For Perfection

Most wonderful, memorable nights are perfectly imperfect. Meaning that they might be scattered with little setbacks or dramas but were handled with positivity and good humour! Don’t be tempted to aim for total perfection during a casual get-together. It is not necessary to run on an especially tight schedule, for example. The chairs do not all have to match perfectly and the house need not be immaculate. A laid back, intimate atmosphere is usually preferred by all and is fortunately far easier to achieve! Take a relaxed approach to seating and simply ensure there are enough drinks out to keep the conversation going, for example. If the carpet is not perfect, simply detract with details in the rest of the room like throws and cushions.

Plan Ahead

Leaving things until the last minute is a sure-fire recipe for stress. If you have a tendency to become anxious ahead of schedule, then begin well in advance. Ensure, for example, that you have shopped in advance to cook your meal. Don’t leave it until after work on the day to look up a recipe for beef casserole, for example. Create a playlist the night before so that you are not scrambling for CDs as the guests arrive. Also make sure of the practical details such as enough plates, glasses and knives and forks. Nothing is worse than having to run to the shops or call on the neighbours at the last minute. Don’t take the risk. Make lists and reminders well ahead of schedule to avoid any mishaps.

Online Invites

Almost everyone seems to have some form of social media these days. Email and Facebook are both relatively instant ways of communicating. They eliminate the need to have envelopes and stamps for conventional invites. Not to mention the difficulty of knowing everyone’s postal address! Electronic invites also have the added advantage of being able to respond almost instantly. That way, you won’t be making preparations for a guest that cannot come. Waiting for responses in the post or via a phone call can often take longer. They also mean that you might have to communicate the same information several times. An electronic invite ensures everyone receives the same information at the same time. They then have the option of replying almost instantaneously.

Bring Your Own Drink

If you want to save the hassle of selecting the perfect drink for your dish, encourage others to bring their own! Not only is it a money saving tip but it also encourages a feeling of relaxed involvement. Guests will feel they have contributed and will enjoy drinking something they love.

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