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Bella (3 years 9-10 months)

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bella 3 years 9-10 months (family update lylia rose uk lifestyle blog)

Bella (3 years 9-10 months)

I cannot quite believe it, but my eldest, Bella, is very nearly four years old.  Only a couple of months and perhaps the dreadful threenager stage will be behind us!  Bella will be starting school this September and we are eagerly waiting to find out if we got our first choice on 18th April.  We have fingers and toes tightly crossed.  The school we want is only 600m away and is outstanding.  I can leave our home at 8.50am and be back by 9.05am.  It’s so close.  Our second choice is a little further.  It’s a 15 minute walk by myself, but I’d have to allow 30 minutes with Bella’s pace.   It’s doable, but this will obviously take 1.5 hours out of my day just for school runs which isn’t ideal.  Bella also currently goes to the preschool attached to our desired school and I’m a member of the committee.  I’ll have to stop being a member if she doesn’t get a place and find a new playschool/preschool for Reuben near the other school.  Only eight days until we find out which school and then I can relax!  The whole situation is quite stressful and they make you wait ages to find out.  We applied back in November!

Bella can now do a zip up by herself!  Yay!  She impressed me one day by doing her hoody zip all by herself and then her coat zip.  She’s beginning to understand basic maths and can add small numbers using her fingers.  She’s been super helpful lately getting dressed by herself and even making her bed!  Bed time has been a bit easier lately and she’s been going with a lot less fuss.  I’m not sure how long that will last as the nights get even lighter.  When the clocks changed Bella told us it couldn’t be bedtime as it was still morning outside!

Bella comes out with new phrases all the time, often tickling us with her vocabulary or simply what she has said!  Here are the best things I’ve noted down recently:

(Ben drives over a bump in the road)
*Bella lets out a big sigh*
‘Daddy, there are far too many hills on this road!’

‘Mummy did you see that postman go into that house?’
Yes Bella, I think it was his house
‘No it’s not his house.  Postmen live in vans!’

‘Reuben did it!’  (to everything at the moment!) Hmmmmm

‘Mummy can I have a milkshake?’
Yes Bella, do you want a banana one like Mummy?
‘No, I want a cheese milkshake!’

‘No I don’t want cheese on toast, I want toast on cheese!’

‘Look at that fly on the windowsill.  He’s sleeping!’