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Reuben 12-13 months

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reuben 12-13 months old - my baby update Lylia Rose blog

Reuben 12-13 months

My baby is no longer my baby, but a toddler!  Please, if you have the capability, slow down time! I’m not sure exactly when they become toddlers, some seem to say once they are a one year old, others when they are walking.  I’m sure Reuben will be walking in a couple of weeks , but even though he hasn’t let go of our hands just yet, he’s still not really a baby anymore *insert sad face*.

I kept some notes of what Reuben has been doing between 12 and 13 months:

  • Walking with walker or holding both hands
  • Pushes himself along on his sit on trike
  • Say’s ‘hiya’ on pretend phone, or in fact any object which he picks up and uses as a phone!
  • Loves building with his Mega Bloks – able to build big towers or group lots together
  • Still obsessed with putting things in and out – loves getting his Mega Bloks out, but loves helping to put them back away in the bag
  • Eats pretty much everything we eat unless really hard or super chewy (e.g I won’t give him dates)
  • Tears food apart, such as toast, so he can manage it.  Means we can give him larger pieces of things
  • Rocks to the song ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ and screams to the crocodile
  • Becomes jealous when Bella is on me, near me or comes over to me if I’m holding him.  Starts squealing and bashing her away!
  • Still a Mummy’s boy and will always want me over anyone else or if I enter the room
  • Gives cuddles and says ‘aaaaaah’, will now give kisses too
  • Waves bye-bye
  • Points to what he wants e.g. his drink or more food off the table
  • Says Mama