Our primary school offer & thoughts on the process

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Our primary school offer & thoughts on the process

We got our first choice for a primary school place!  Yay!

It was a big sigh of relief on Monday as Bella was offered a place at the primary school we wanted.  We are only 600m away, but after siblings I think there were only 15 places left and 70 applied.  I’m so happy we got our first choice.  It’s an outstanding school and Bella attends the preschool so will move up to reception with lots of children she already knows.  This will hopefully make the transition a lot easier.  One of the preschool ladies works every afternoon in reception, so this is also a lovely touch.

It’s much more convenient for me too.  I can leave at 8.50am and be home by 9.05am.  The second closest school would have been a 45 minute round trip.  So twice a day this would have taken one and a half hours out of my day to do school runs.  I could drive, but I would rather walk Bella to school and back if I can.

I feel like I can relax now I know she has a place.  We applied such a long time ago, in November when the applications were released.  It’s been a long five month wait to see if we got what we wanted!  Hopefully by the time Reuben starts in three years, he will automatically get a place as a sibling, but I’m sure I’ll still worry a tiny bit just in case!

I viewed five schools and put down four.  It’s crazy to put down 5!  My 3rd and 4th choices were 3 and 5 miles away from us.  I doubt anyone has five schools very close to them.  It’s quite a lot. It’s also worth looking at schools you may not have considered putting down, as you just never know.  I thought I’d love a pretty much brand new school not far from us, but I actually hated it.  I got a bad vibe from the head teacher and wasn’t very impressed whilst walking around.  I’d totally ruled out putting another school down as it had a bad reputation in the past, but decided to view on their open day.  I was actually really impressed and the teachers were amazing.  Someone said they did go a little downhill but have since had so much money put into the school and fantastic teachers employed, they have now gone to the other extreme and are very desirable!  So if you are due to go through this process yourself my advice would be to keep an open mind!

Things can change too.  It’s hard not to go on your gut instinct when you look at schools, but what you see isn’t always permanent.  Teachers change, as do head teachers and teaching methods.  I tried to keep this in mind with the school I viewed which I didn’t like.  I just instantly had a bad feeling and didn’t like the head teacher showing us around.  Perhaps if a different more likeable teacher had showed us around I might have liked the school.  I did find it hard to keep an open mind in this instance and didn’t put the school as a choice!

Anyway, all that is behind us and we can look forward to the next exciting process – school uniform!  I’m certain it will become a tedious task in the future, but for the very first uniform I’m excited to get shopping and most of all to see Bella in her very first school uniform!