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weve booked a summer family holiday yay on the lylia rose uk lifestyle blo

Oh yes!  We did it!  Thanks to my new job we can afford our very first summer holiday.  I am so pleased.  It’s exactly what we all need.  It’s been a very crappy start to the year (as I explain here) and a holiday is long overdue.  I’m so excited it will be our very first family holiday, the four of us!

As much as I’d love to go abroad for more guaranteed sunshine, stunning coastlines and turquoise seas, the finances were not entirely on our side for my dream destinations and I talked myself out of taking two such young children abroad!  I’m sure it may be perfectly fine, but I could only convince myself of the disaster it may be!

A more comfortable and familiar holiday it will be, exploring the wonderful Cornish county.  Yep, we’re off to Cornwall!

I somehow managed to find an available 3 bed self-catering cottage for 7 nights which was a third of the price of a Centre Parks holiday!  We did take a peek at Centre Parks and even Haven, but they were way out of our budget.  We’ve found a lovely holiday village in the north of Cornwall with soft play, parks, an indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, shop, restaurant and even summer holiday entertainment.  There are even three pubs less than one mile away who serve food. 

The property has three bedrooms, a bathroom, extra toilet and open plan kitchen/living/dining area.  There’s outdoor seating where me and Ben can relax once the children are in bed and if raining a TV with Sky.  It sounds absolutely ideal for our first family holiday, as well as very convenient with a four year old and one year old.  We hope to explore Cornwall in some beautiful sunshine (fingers crossed), but even if the weather is not on our side and also before/after outings there will be plenty for us to do in the holiday village with the children.

I had sort of been dreaming of glamping in a Moroccan themed yurt.  It seems a very romantic idea, but I think better for me and Ben on our own.  I found a really beautiful one.  The only downsides being it had a composting toilet few hundred yards away and no electricity.  With two very young children and potentially a week of rain I think we would have had a miserable time!  I’m still intrigued by the idea, but think it will be a better option for me and Ben to go by ourselves or an idea for when the children are older and more independent.

Our plans so far for our Cornish adventure include visiting family friends in Port Holland, a day trip to Perranporth (a bench in memory of Ben’s grandparents overlooks the beach), possibly a day out to the Eden Project, maybe a trip to a zoo or a nearby donkey sanctuary and exploring lots of beaches.  As well as plenty of relaxing, good food, treat food and cosy nights me and Ben without my head permanently attached to a laptop or mobile telephone!  Bliss!


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  1. I was hoping to go on holiday next summer for the first time with our (now) 5 month old and abroad just isn't an option. Unfortunately we don't drive so UK destinations are a bit limited to where we can get to by train! I hope you have a wonderful time! *** Victoria's Reply *** Thanks Lyndsey, I can't wait. Hopefully there are lots of options for you via train? When I was wounger we went on some coach trip holidays - not sure if these still exist? We even went to the South of France by coach (24 hours though, better with older children!). We're flying to Germany too to see Ben's Gran in the summer. We've done it three times with Bella as a baby and 2 year old, but I'm dreading it with the two of them age 1 and 4. Hopefully it will be OK and they won't scream the whole way!! :P

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  2. I bet you have a fantastic time. The UK ain't all that bad ;) Good weather is a bonus Will keep my fingers crossed for you! x *** Victoria's Reply *** It's just the weather that is the issue here! If only we had guaranteed sunshine all summer :)

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