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The Goodness Project Subscription Box Review

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April Flowbox Mini Vegan Subscription Box Review - Lylia Rose Blog Lifestyl

April Flowbox – My Vegan Subscription Box (They have rebranded to The Goodness Project)

Oh April’s box was a goody!  There was only one thing I didn’t like.  Well, I mean I do probably like it, but I just didn’t want it… see what I mean below.  The rest of the box was amazing!

APE Lightly Salted Coconut Curls

I’d actually been sent the exact same pack a week before in a beauty goody box, so I’d already had the pleasure of trying these!  They are super yummy and a great alternative to crisps as the saltiness gives a similar impression.  I love coconut and could eat the stuff all day long!

CAWSTON PRESS Rhubarb with Sparkling Water

I stupidly didn’t read the can and thought ‘amazing, juice in a can’!  I’ve had their juice numerous times, but didn’t realise this was going to be sparkling!  It took me by surprise as I took a huge gulp and I immediately checked to see if there was added sugar, which sadly there was, so I didn’t drink any more.  I did decide to eat any refined sugar containing snacks from my Flowbox each month as a treat, but I can’t do it with drinks.  It seems like the sugar would get all over your teeth much more when dissolved in a drink, as opposed to when in food, and would also get into the blood quicker?!  I may be wrong, but sugary drinks just seem a lot worse to me than sugary food.  So sorry Cawston Press, I can’t recommend drinks with sugar in, but I do love your cold pressed juices.


I've eaten these before, but different flavours and they are SO good.  This box had TWO of these in as well, so even better!  They are really soft and fruity and slightly sticky and scrumptious and moreish and amazing... you get the picture!  Super sweet and super delicious.  I need a whole boxful!

PROFUSION Organic Red Lentil Pasta

Amazing stuff!  We actually mixed this in with whole grain pasta as I wasn’t sure how it would come out, like would it go to mush?!  But no!  It holds its shape so well and when cooked the colour was so similar to our other pasta we couldn’t even tell the difference!  So amazing as red lentils are awesome for you.  This product is also amazing for anyone who can’t eat regular pasta.  I really want to stock up on a load of this as it’s yummy!  The colour is so great in the packet too.

YOSHOI Snapea Lightly Salted

I have had these before, so I knew what was coming and I looked forward to it!  These are made from peas!  They are surprisingly moreish and once I start I can’t stop!  The pack I had before was a sharer size and I pretty much ate the whole lot in one sitting.  They are a really unique and tasty savoury treat.

VIVANI Strawberry Wafer Crunch

Nice nice nice!  This choccie is made with rice milk instead of normal milk and is so tasty.  A really sweet delicious treat.  I’ve tried their dark choc before, but this one was far superior. Definitely a must try if you have a sweet tooth!


I pay for a monthly subscription for a mini vegan Flowbox.  They have just rebranded to The Goodness Project