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Save the Arctic - why I signed this petition

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help save the arctic with greenpeace lylia rose blog

Save the Arctic - why I signed this petition

I’m always very conscious of how my actions are impacting the environment.  I like to think I help a little by buying as much organic food as possible (less chemicals into the environment), organic make up, natural products and as many natural household cleaning products as we can.  We also recycle everything we can and car boot/charity/eBay things we don’t want anymore, rather than just chucking them out.  However I still know this is nowhere near enough and we, as humans are having a disastrous impact on this beautiful Earth.  It’s such a shame.

I hope one day the government will force companies to be more environmentally friendly.  For example, packaging for products must be recyclable/biodegradable/compostable.  Beauty products must only contain natural ingredients unless there is really no alternative, but then natural alternatives must be researched.  Ban the use of chemicals on our food supply.  Large companies must have solar panels and use only renewable energy sources.  How about the help to buy schemes would apply to old builds, rather than new, and stamp duty is just for new houses?  The government really needs to start protecting our planet.  This would all go some way to helping.

I recently signed this petition to help create change.  It's not much, but hopefully if enough people sign it will make a difference.  Greenpeace want to create a sanctuary in the Arctic to protect the uninhabited areas and stop more damage being done.

I'm not sure the petition is still running, but there is more info and campaign updates here:

Help Save The Arctic Sign a Petition