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Bella update 3 years 11-12 months

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Bella update 3 years 11-12 months on the Lylia Rose UK family lifestyle blo

Eeeeek Bella is so nearly four!  FOUR.  Oh my goodness!  That is officially school age and so grown up sounding - a real ‘child’ instead of toddler/pre-schooler.  I even started looking at uniform the other day and we’ve been invited to her big school’s open evening for all new parents.  So exciting and so crazy at the same time.

Here’s what my little monkey has been up to lately:

  • Becoming more interested in time, so I bought her first watch.  Beginning to understand the concept of the little hand and big hand.  When I ask her what the time is she’ll say ‘2 past 7’.  Which is 10 past 7! So great she’s beginning to understand it and absorbs what we tell her.
  • Makes up songs all the time.  Uses the tunes from nursery rhymes but makes up her own words.
  • Can make up stories – I’ll say a sentence then Bella will say the next sentence to continue the story.  We do this at bedtime sometimes instead of reading a book.
  • Bella tells me she had a dream ‘Nana was up with the birds, so Aunty Jess went in her flying car and got her!’
  • Really needs to be out doing things all the time.  She seems to get frustrated at home and plays up.  A little angel when we are out and about though (usually) and people always comment on how good she is.
  • Bella has discovered Siri on the phone and iPad and loves to talk to Siri asking things like ‘Have you got any chocolate or cheese?’ and ‘Oh dear you are a poopy and you can’t say anything’!
  • She would like a pink fish for her birthday as well as Smarties and Aqua Beads.  She wants a Frozen AND Peppa Pig cake, plus pink flowers.  We’ll have to see what we can do :)

The funniest Bella story recently just has to be us sat outside the Aviator which is a pub in Gloucestershire at Staverton airport.  It’s great to sit there as you can watch all the helicopters and small planes taking off and landing, so great entertainment for children!  Anyhoo, Bella started shouting out ‘cock, cock, cock’ really loudly!  We looked at each other in shock (and kind of laughing of course) and asked if she meant cock a doodle doo.  She replied, ‘no I mean ‘cock cock cock’ like a crow’.  Ah ha!  ‘I think you mean ‘caw caw caw’ Bella, not cock’!  There’s a crow that ‘caws’ in one of her books.  Whatever the people on the next table must have thought!