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Hello Sweet-Tea Candle Review

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Erin Tynan Creative Etc Green Tea Jasmine Candle Gift Lylia Rose Blog Revie

Erin Tynan Creative (etc) Candle Review

My favourite way to make my home smell nice is with a scented candle.  I used to use those plug in air freshener things, but it felt as though the chemicals had scratched my throat over time.  I became super aware of breathing these types of air fresheners in and so went back to the trusty scented candle. Not only do they fill your home with a gorgeous scent, but they create a cosy homely environment too.  Win, win!

I was super excited to be selected to review a pretty jar candle from Erin Tynan Creative (which amazingly abbreviates to Etc.!).  It was so tricky to narrow my choice down as they all sound amazing.  Being a huge enthusiast for the beverage green tea, I was intrigued by the scent of ‘Hello Sweet-Tea’ – a green tea and jasmine combination.  The colour also totally matches our living room accent colour, so I was sold!

Erin Tynan Creative Etc Green Tea Jasmine Candle Gift Lylia Rose Blog Revie

The candle is a clear jar style candle which is perfect for any décor scheme.  It will go in any room – bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, garden – and look equally as fab in each.  Being such a versatile candle makes it a great gift idea.  The cute polka dot material lid with twine makes it even more appealing to give as a present.  It was also super special to receive it like this - creating anticipation as I eagerly undid the pretty wrap to sniff my new candle!

The smell did not disappoint.  I lit mine in the living room whilst working away on my laptop.  It wasn’t long before I noticed the pleasant smell reaching me on the other side of the room.  It’s such a delightful smell, very clean and fresh.  It reminds me of the satisfaction of walking past someone with amazing smelling freshly washed clothes and catching that pleasurable whiff.  Really satisfying.  Or perhaps I now sound very strange if you don’t do that!

Erin Tynan Creative Etc Green Tea Jasmine Candle Gift Lylia Rose Blog Revie

The candle is standing proudly in front of my succulent and cactus display on a polka dot dining table cover.  It fits in so well. I move it to make a great atmospheric centre candle as we dine.  I’m also imagining taking it outside for a romantic candle lit meal with Ben one summer’s evening.  The jar design makes it the perfect outdoor table candle too.  A cluster of these candles on a rustic wooden outdoor table would set the perfect scene.

I’m very impressed with the candles and the fabulous play on words on each label – very humorous and original! Puns I have never seen before, making the candles even more adorable than they already are!

Erin Tynan Creative Etc Green Tea Jasmine Candle Gift Lylia Rose Blog Revie

Etc also stocks a vibrant selection of modern greetings cards, making it a one stop shop for that perfectly unique handmade card and gift.