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Reuben 13-14 months

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Reuben 13-14 months update

  • Walks holding onto one hand and wants to do this more than crawling
  • Claps hands to the song ‘if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands’
  • Blows big bubbles
  • Puts rings from his ring stacker on wrists and crawls around, also loves putting Bella’s bracelets on!
  • Has mastered walking with the walker and will now stand up and walk with anything that he can move e.g. high chair, dining chair, activity table!
  • We bought his first pair of shoes from Clarks, size 3G
  • Looking very blond, more ash blond than Bella’s yellow blond.  Lots more hair than Bella had at his age – she looked almost bald!
  • Says hiya, mama, burr (Bella)
  • Loves to draw and holds a pencil really well doing small controlled lines
  • Builds big towers with his blocks and lego
  • Can eat endless amounts of raisins and blueberries
  • Eats everything we eat now, so all have the same meal at mealtimes
  • Can pick up food with a fork, but can’t get to mouth or doesn’t try yet
  • Puts his hands together and sways to dance, if we copy he finds it hilarious
  • I’ve noticed he’s slept on his front a couple of times recently.  He’s always slept on his back up until now.  I remember Bella slept on her front as soon as she could roll over.  Reuben never rolled over in bed, it was like he didn’t think he could in his cot or was super accustomed to sleeping on his back in there!
  • Still only has 6 teeth and I can’t see any more