Things to remember when buying a ceramic sink

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Things to remember when buying a ceramic sink

Things to remember when buying a ceramic sink Lylia Rose lifestyle blog

Things to remember when buying a ceramic sink

We have finally been doing up our kitchen almost two years after buying our home.  It was quite possibly the room I disliked most, yet the one we’ve pretty much saved until last.  Don’t get me wrong, we still have LOADS to do around the house and particularly the garden, but we really hadn’t touched the kitchen.  It’s a small north facing kitchen (grrr, dark and oh so small *insert sad face*) and the previous owners had only redone the kitchen two years before we moved in, but I think it was awful.  It was the total opposite of what I would have picked, so I hated it.  It didn’t feel like my home with their kitchen.  They had dark brown wood effect sides and a black tile effect floor – both made the space feel even smaller, especially in a room with little natural light.  They also had peach tiles on the walls along with peach paint on the walls. Hmmmm.  An interesting combination if you ask me.  Black, dark brown and peach.

I wanted to brighten the room up and make it feel more spacious and light.  We’ve gone for white walls, oak effect floor which flows through the entire downstairs, white subway tiles and real oak worktops.  They had cream gloss cupboards which are actually quite nice, so we kept these.  This saved a mammoth task of replacing cupboards and cut the cost.  The tiles are the only thing half done at the moment as Ben did half last weekend and will (I hope) finish the job this weekend.  I’ll show some pictures once finished. 

I’m so excited though – already it feels a billion times better and like it’s a part of the rest of the house.  Not some random room with totally different decoration.  Unfortunately we can’t do anything about the size of the kitchen just yet, but the dream would be to pop an extension on the back, or move to a detached house in the country with no house surrounding us… that one is a dream!

I hated the sink that was there.  It was a stainless steel with a couple of rims like steps at the top of the bowl if that makes sense.  These rims were a magnet for scum!  I’d clean them at least once a day and before I knew it, they looked like they were filled with dirt yet again.  I was getting so frustrated with them I just had to get a new sink!  Their tap was also split, so had been spraying us with water in five different directions every time we turned it on!   I purchased a lovely tall statement tap and a ceramic two bowl sink!  I’ve always wanted a ceramic farmhouse style sink, but I needed the cupboard space underneath (damn you small kitchen), so we went for a two bowl normal depth sink.  I prefer to hand wash, so this two bowl will be a lifesaver.  I already don’t know how I coped without one.  I can have a piping hot bowl of washing up soaking and we still have another sink for rinsing, hand washing, paint pot washing, etc!

We did, however, have a total disaster with our lovely new sink at first.  So, lessons learnt, here are things to remember when buying a ceramic sink:

Don’t choose click and collect

It's best not to choose click and collect rather than home delivery, or if you do make sure you have two people collecting it (especially if you order a two bowl sink).   We stupidly didn't think about this and worried I may be on the school run when they try to deliver, so had it delivered to Argos instead.   Ben went after work to pick it up and it was huge.  It was also very heavy.  It was super awkward to carry because it was so big.  It did have carry handles through the cardboard box, but when Ben got to the car the carry handles ripped through and the box  hit the floor.  Uh oh.  We assessed the damage once he was home.  The top right corner had cracked off. Eek.  We thought it would be okay as it was a corner at the back, so might not be obvious if fixed.  When we took the sink out the box to fit it, we realised there were large cracks through the rest of the thing.   We still thought it might be okay as it would be so expensive to replace.  So we optimistically purchased a  sink repair kit to see if we could save our lovely new expensive sink.

Have patience

Be patient when tapping out the sink hole!   After researching how to do this on Google, it sounded as though the slightly scored tap hole should just ‘pop out’ after a few taps.  Hmmm not so.  Ben, thinking perhaps he wasn’t tapping hard enough, decided to really give it a tap (or whack).  This resulted in a huge triangular chunk of the ceramic breaking off.  A new sink it was.  Our lovely ceramic sink has now cost nearly £500.  Arg.   This time Ben took his time and gently tapped away at the hole for two hours.   Luckily there were no cracks in sight!

Buy a plastic washing up bowl

You’ll need a plastic washing up bowl, or alternatively plastic plates, cups, cutlery…!  Ceramic is very very hard and the mixture of ceramic sink and china bowls does not go well together.   No longer can you fill a unlined bowl with soapy water and throw in the crockery, china, glasses (unless you are looking for an excuse for a brand-new set of plates and bowls, then go ahead, play dumb and blame the sink).

If you keep these tips in mind you will no doubt start off a wonderful relationship with your new ceramic sink!