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Herbal Glo Review

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Herbal Glo – A natural herbal treatment for acne

I was recently sent this pack of Herbal Glo to review from Fakraaj Herbals.  It’s herbal supplement made from 100% natural ingredients to improve skin, hair and nail condition.  I mainly wanted to see the benefits to my skin as I always suffer from spots.  Yep, even now I’m 30!  I took the tablets for 30 days eagerly anticipating improvement, but unfortunately I did not notice a difference with skin, hair or nails after 30 days.  I know 30 days might not be long enough to see a difference in some people, so I wasn’t expecting miracles.  Though many of their testimonials are from customers who have seen a difference in as little as one week, which is incredible!

With great faith in their products and upon hearing I’d not noticed any difference yet, they kindly offered to send me a more specific product aimed at treating acne, spots and blemishes.  Another 30 day trial began and I finished the Herbal Glo Acne, Spots and Blemishes just over a week ago.

This time, I’m happy to say I noticed a difference!

At first I didn’t see much change, but towards the end of the 30 days my skin had vastly improved.  Nearly all my spots had disappeared, were drying out or very close to disappearing.  I had also been using some new natural skincare ranges, so couldn’t be sure if these were also making a difference.  I decided to wait a week until reviewing to see what happened to my skin once I stopped the Herbal Glo supplements and would you believe, three nasty spots have since appeared!  Arg.  It could have happened anyway, but it would be great to conclude that the supplements really were beginning to work and since stopping, my skin has started to revert!  I definitely saw a vast improvement in my skin the last two weeks of taking the acne supplements.  I believe this herbal remedy really was improving my skin from the inside out.

The supplements are recommended by world renowned Harley Street dermatologists, so that really says something.  They are 100% natural and not too badly priced should you have a severe or daily distressing complaint.  There are no nasty side effects (just potentially detox symptoms) and since they are natural herbal remedies, you really have nothing to lose by trying them, just lots of extra minerals to gain!


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