Hot living room trends

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Hot living room trends

Hot 2016 living room trends

After doing a little research on the hottest trend of 2016 so far, I bring you my definitive list of living room fashions. Get them all to have the coolest pad, as the hot summer months approach.

White wall and rainbow coloured decorations

The first trend I want to talk about is white walls, with colour hits coming from bright pictures, decorations, and accessories. Think rainbow pom pom bunting, Mexican day of the dead flags, initials filled with fake flowers and anything else that catches your eye.

The bright white of the wall ensures maximum light in the room, so it is perfect for brightening up darker spaces. The white also stops the eclectic mix of decoration from becoming too overwhelming. My best advice, have some serious fun with your choices!


So you will, of course, need something to sit on. Sofas and chairs are of course a matter of both comfort and personal taste. Why not try a Georgian style in a very bold colour like cherry or forest green. Combine with the white wall and colourful room decor, a sofa like this would give a marvelously eclectic look. If you are feeling particularly flush, why not try a chaise lounge as well?

Pineapple and flamingo kitsch


Two of my favorite themes this season, come from the kitsch camp of cool. Think tropical summers, think pineapples and flamingos. There are plenty of places offering up their own version of these little kitsch treats both instore and online. You could even grab a vintage version on an auction site.

Terrariums and fairy gardens

Getting our green fingers working, how about adding some botanical charm to your living room with a terrarium? If you haven’t seen them before they are geometric glass containers, held together with metal strips, that you can put plants inside. They are super chic at the moment, especially when combined with air plant or succulent such as these.

If you would like a really magical look, why not create a mini fairy garden in your terrarium. Add accessories and some waterproof lights for good measure, for an adorable, spellbinding effect.

Pastel colours


Colour wise, apart from the brights whites, pastels are very in this season. You may have seen people sporting this in their hair? If it is more your thing to keep pastels for the inside of your home, try combining 2-3 pastels together at one time. Try peach and mint, lemon and pink or a combination of your own. Or you can clash odd pastel items with gold and silver for a luxe look.

Cross stitch

Lastly, if you are feeling a bit crafty, why not pick up that needle and thread and complete a modern take on cross stitch. Don't worry these aren't your mother's village scenes. You can have some real fun here. Cross stitch you favourite movie quote or song lyric. Add a unicorn pooping a rainbow and you're getting the idea. If you are not feeling too confident in your sewing skills, you can buy kits and completed items online.