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Stickibox Review

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Stickibox Review

Stickibox Review - Cardboard Car Kit - Lylia Rose UK lifestyle family parenting kids blog

Stickibox Review - Cardboard Car Kit - Lylia Rose UK lifestyle family parenting kids blog

Stickibox – Kids Car Kit Review

What child doesn’t love a cardboard box car?  Or that said, simply a cardboard box!  You need not worry when buying a child a present in a large box, because if the present inside is no good, you can guarantee they’ll have hours of fun with the cardboard box itself!

After watching their own children create cars out of cardboard boxes and creating various car parts to stick on, mums Pip and Kerry were inspired to start Stickibox.  Stickibox is a creative kit with the perfect cardboard box to create your child’s ‘car’ (complete with removable base and carry handles), stickers and even a spinny wheels and steering wheel. 

The car parts are left plain for decorating and Bella, my four year old, had great fun colouring in all these parts and making a big mess with glitter glue!  A sparkly car?  Yes please!  The car box was easy to fold up and Bella was able to help me push the base out so she could step inside and whizz around the house in her brand new car!

There’s also something magical to children just sitting in a box.  I don’t know what it is, but both of mine, ages one and four, love to sit in boxes!  Toys are often thrown out of their toy baskets and they climb inside.  It was the same with this car.  Both of them just like to sit on the floor peeking out for ages!  They find it absolutely hilarious!  I remember doing it as a child too and loving small quirky spaces.  I’d hide for ages behind a door at my Grandparents house and would love sitting in the bottom of a wardrobe.  Isn’t it bizarre!  Perhaps there’s something comforting about sitting in small spaces.

One of the best ideas which came with the box was a Stickibox party.  It would be such a fab idea to give a small group of children a kit each at a birthday party to create their own cars.  You could then have car races as the birthday game or a competition to see who can create the best car!


Thanks to Stickibox for sending me a kit to review with Bella :)