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An interview with Bella, now four, and a few funny things she says!

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lylia rose blog post interview bella four years old

An interview with Bella, now four, and a few funny things she says!

Bella has just turned four!  It sounds so much older than three.  We went to meet her teachers at her new school recently.  I can’t believe she’s off to big school in September!

Here are a few things she keeps saying…!

  • Is adamant the birds in our garden are called maggunpies no matter how many times we tell her they are magpies!
  • In The Range – ‘That man has a baby about to pop out of his tummy!’ Oh gosh, quick Bella, out of this aisle now!
  • ‘But…’  Oh yes – we’ve started to get an answer back to things we ask Bella to do.  There is often a ‘but I’m too busy’ or similar!
  • ‘Why?’ – eek, we’ve entered the why stage.  Even when she gets the answer to the why, another why is asked!
  • ‘What?’ But really more like ‘WOT?’ and imagine a kind of Kevin and Perry style sound, but she is just FOUR!  Haha.  Oh yes, the threenager has not yet disappeared even though we are into her fourth year.

Bella Interview – 4 years 0 months

Mummy – What would you like to be when you grow up?
Bella – A fairy

Mummy – OK, what job would you like to do when you grow up?
Bella – Making food

Mummy – Who is your favourite person?
Bella - Reuben

Mummy – Who is your best friend at playschool?
Bella - Sydney

Mummy – Where is your favourite place?
Bella – Soft play

Mummy – What is your favourite colour?
Bella – Silver, red and yellow

Mummy – What’s your favourite vegetable?
Bella - Broccoli

Mummy – What’s your favourite fruit?
Bella - Pear

Mummy – What’s your favourite thing to do?
Bella – Go in my little house

Mummy- What’s your favourite animal?
Bella – Fish and turtles

Mummy – Do you mean tortoises?  They live on land?  Shall we get one because Mummy likes them too?
Bella – Yes!  Let’s get a tortoise!

Watch this space!