The Cakery: homemade cakes delivered in Gloucestershire

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Read on to learn more about small local business The Cakery; homemade cakes made to order in Gloucestershire.

The Cakery – Scrumptious Homemade Cakes, Made To Order in Gloucestershire

Based in Upton St Leonards, Gloucester, is a wonderful small business ran by the lovely Esther called The Cakery.  Covering the whole of Gloucestershire (and further for an extra charge) The Cakery provide all sorts of delicious home baked treats including cupcakes, layer cakes, macarons, free from cakes and even cupcakes for men from the Mancakery!

The cupcakes are a generous muffin size with a fantastic range of flavours including salted caramel, ultimate Oreo, gingerbread, hazelnut rocher, strawberry & champagne, blueberrylemonicious and so many more.  Don’t these flavours sound divine?

 The Cakery – Scrumptious Homemade Cakes, Made To Order in Gloucestershire

If you prefer a more bite sized chunk of cake, the mini sized cupcakes could be for you.  Orders for up to 500 mini cupcakes or 300 normal cupcakes are accepted for business events, or social occasions such as weddings.  Treat your clients or guests to homemade cakes with a personalised topper featuring your design or business logo.  Esther really does have it all covered.

Layer cakes can sometimes be turned around in as little as 24 hours, should you have an emergency cake request!  The finest ingredients are used to create three layers of sponge, each with delicious fillings.  Either cream frosting or buttercream will generously coat the outside depending on the cake selected.  Three sizes are available with mouth-watering flavours such as pistachio and raspberry, lemon and blueberry, and red velvet to name but a few.

 The Cakery – Scrumptious Homemade Cakes, Made To Order in Gloucestershire

Fancy a delicious nibble with your coffee?  The Cakery’s ‘Coffee Break Menu’ is filled with goodies to provide the perfect complement to your mid-morning beverage; muffins, brownies, American style cookies, shortbread and dacquoise.  Prefer macarons, meringues or marshmallows?  Fear not as The Cakery supply the most colourful delectable selection of these too!

Everyone knows the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not visit the fabulous Mancakery!  Not all cupcakes have to be pink, pretty, girly and swirly.  Men love cupcakes too, even though they might not all admit it!  The Cakery has a range of man cakes with carefully selected man satisfying flavours.  Such a genius idea and they look incredibly appetising with lavish dollops of buttercream and mighty chunks of deliciousness piled on top.  In fact, they look so luscious; they are my favourite looking cakes from the whole website!

 The Cakery – Scrumptious Homemade Cakes, Made To Order in GloucestershireThe Cakery – Scrumptious Homemade Cakes, Made To Order in Gloucestershire

The Cakery review

You may be thinking ‘hey, doesn’t this blogger usually say how anti sugar she’s becoming’.  Yes, you’re right, I do.  And guess what?  The Cakery have a range of free from cupcakes which includes no refined sugar or low sugar.  As soon as I discovered this I immediately ordered a batch. Luckily my daughter’s birthday party was close to this discovery so I had the perfect excuse for the husband - ‘Ben, we neeeed to order these refined sugar free cupcakes for Bella’s birthday party!’

I ordered 36 mini cupcakes with a split of 12 lemon, 12 vanilla and 12 chocolate.  The only part which contained refined sugar was the flower embellishments which could easily be removed or you can request the cakes without.  As I live close by, Esther delivered the cakes free of charge at a time to suit, which was super convenient as we were busy setting up the party décor.  The cakes looked absolutely adorable (and delicious) in their presentation boxes.  I was instantly impressed.

Even better, the cakes were also gluten free.  One of our close friends is gluten intolerant; a whiff of gluten and she could be unwakeable for hours no matter the location!  It was so amazing for her to be able to enjoy some birthday cakes at the party too.  I’m sure she’s very used to attending such events and frustratingly not being able to eat any of the party food.

Esther, the owner, has taken food allergy training and provides a very substantial free from range.  Cakes can be made free from gluten, egg, lactose, dairy and sugar.  Unbelievably, they can even be made free from the whole lot!

We didn’t wait long to try the cakes.  Bella hovered around me as I set them up on our cake stand and I knew exactly what she wanted!  I let her offer our helpers (the Mums) a mini cupcake each and then choose one herself before our guests arrived to tuck in.  It was hard to resist eating more than one straight away as they were scrumptious!  Really sweet and so amazing they didn’t contain regular sugar.  In fact, you’d never have known.  I think they were perhaps even sweeter than regular cupcakes, so much more enjoyable if you have a sweet tooth.

The cakes looked perfect on the cake stand, making the food table look really fabulous.  The mini size was perfect for Bella (four) and her mini friends to handle with ease and ‘gobble up’ (Bella’s newest phrase) without having party cake overload! 

The Cakery – Scrumptious Homemade Cakes, Made To Order in Gloucestershire

 Images kindly provided by The Cakery